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PostSubject: Nejibana   Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:58 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Nejibana [Screw Flower]

Family: Water


Inner World:  The inner world of Nejibana is a beach one side and a field of blue flowers on the other. The beach has beautiful white sands and various levels of waves. The activity of that water, aka large waves or normal tide, are based on the spirit's emotions. The sun shines bright in the sky with a no clouds in site. Wildlife are absent from these waters. The sand is only reaches 30 meters from the water, as the terrain shifts into a field of Spiranthes. Unlike normal Spiranthes, the petals are blue. They are seemingly endless and subtly move in the the breeze.

Appearance:  Nejibana is a human/fish hybrid. He has the basic anatomy of a human (Arms, legs, head, etc.), but with some accents of a fish. He has gills on his neck, and small fins that jut out of his limbs. His skin is a greyish color and his eyes are black and bulging like a fish. His body is slim and toned, like that of an olympic swimmer. He wears little in the way of clothing, only covering his privates with a gold and blue pair of trunks.  

Personality:  Nejibana has a similar personality to Isao in the fact that he isn't mean or argumentative. He has a calm demeanor and uses logic above all else. He doesn't really like to fight with Isao and would rather sit down and have a chat. They get along quite well, which can be unusual in the world of Shinigami. Nejibana is cares deeply about Isao, almost in a brother type of relationship. He often gives advice and combat tips to his comrade, as he never wants him to Perish. Once in battle, Nejibana tends to get a bit robotic. He just does what needs to be done, regardless of his personal feelings.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: A very normal looking Katana with a rectangular guard. It has smooth rounded edges and a dark blue hilt. It's sheath is a dark grey color.

Type: Katana

*camouflage: N/A

*Note that this release is only available to those who possess the augment "Shikai".

release phrase:  Surge, Waters and Heaven

Appearance:  By holding out the blade with one hand and spinning it, it will start glowing yellow and extending. While still spinning, Nejibana takes the form of a Trident/Bishamon-Yari/Ji hybrid. The top of the weapon has three razor sharp prongs that are edged on both sides. These prongs are straight. Below that is a traditional horsehair tassle, though it is blue instead of red. A long metal shaft goes down the weapon, ending in a corkscrew with a sharp point. After the transformation is completed, water pours out of both ends in a circle around the user.

Ability:  Nejibana uses Water creation and manipulation in various ways. The weapon can create water from either end. It can produce seemingly endless amounts of water, as every swing creates a crushing wave to further injure the enemy. These waves use pure force and pressure to crush their opponents bones. If an opponent is sumberged in these waves for 3 posts, they will start to weaken and become disoriented. If they have not gotten air by the 4th post, they will drown and die.

Techs: Shikai Tech Pack x1

Name: Spin [Mawaru ~ 回る]
Description: By spinning Nejibana in front of them, Isao is able to create a rotating torrent of water. It has a radius of 5 meters and moves at 10m/s. If the target is hit by this torrent, their body with rotate as well, causing them to become disoriented and dizzy for a post. This attack does damage via the force behind the wave and is able to break bones. If the target's head is hit directly, it can knock them out.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Swell [Fukuramu ~ 膨らむ]
Description: By moving the blade in front of him in a rising motion, Isao is able to manipulate water to rise up to 10 meters tall. This wall of water is infused with his reiatsu. This is used as a defensive measure, as it is able to block non-physical attacks of equal power once.  If it is blocking lower level attacks, it may block two of them without dispersing.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts
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PostSubject: Re: Nejibana   Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:42 am

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