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 Osamerukami Yukari [FINISHED一Xion Only]

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Osamerukami Yukari [FINISHED一Xion Only] Empty
PostSubject: Osamerukami Yukari [FINISHED一Xion Only]   Osamerukami Yukari [FINISHED一Xion Only] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 10:05 pm


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Name:Osamerukami,Yukari (所縁 - First Character: Place~Tokoro - Second Character: Edge~En)


To friends and family she is often referred to as "En". Mainly due to the second character of her first name being pronounced "En". Her family refers to her as "En" mainly due to the ease of pronunciation and shortness of it. Her friends call her "En" because of her personality and their viewpoint of her, similar to its proper character meaning "Edge". #EdgyAsFuck

Some have noted Yukari to be a legitimate Reaper from human lore: swift, cold and breathtaking一literally. Thus, as a titular joke fellow Shinigami started calling her "Grim". This alias's usage gravitates more towards who have simply heard the tales of her accomplishments.

More towards her later years, Yukari had donned the title "The Blue Moon". It was developed from the first night of her arrival in Soul Society, the first time her Zanpakuto's powers were ever used, the gaining of her Bankai, as well the similarities between some feats of hers and the colour "Blue" as well as the "Moon". At one point, Yukari was sent to Hueco Mundo with a few group of people on a reconnaissance mission. During the mission, they were ambushed by several wolvish hollows. The battle was long and weary, but at the end, she stood atop the numerous corpses of wolves, the clouds and moon behind her tinged Blue by her Reiatsu and released Bankai.


As a woman, avoiding this subject when in her presence would be the wise thing to do. It's quite a touchy subject, and even those who have known her since her arrival in Soul Society would stay weary of telling, lest they desire her wrath. Therefore, even an accurate estimation of her age is known to few, and her actual age even fewer. If one was to look into her impact on the Gotei, her position of captain might date back a few hundred years, and her arrival into the Academy, a few hundred more years. Thus, it would be safe to assume that Yukari preceded quite a few other Captain. Getting to the point, looking back at the earliest record of Yukari, an approximation of nearly a thousand years old would be most accurate.

Visual Age:

Just as all Souls without a physical earthy body, Yukari ages slowly, but what's remarkable is the rate of aging more-or-less unique to her. In fact, she has yet, appearance wise, age at all since her arrival in Soul Society, after dying in around her older teens to younger twenties. Quite remarkable, and most definitely suggests that she has quite the life-span on her.


Reiatsu Color: Dark Blue with Black Outline

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: Thirteenth Division

Rank: Captain


Appearance:Starting from an overall perspective, Yukari seems to be one of quite the high caliber, in terms of the popular 1-10 scale. Her skin, though pale to extremities, seems to retain its youth. Her preference of dark-clothing一specifically black一highlights her vibrant blue-hair, its shade being considerably deeper and darker than even a dyed blue rose. Matching her hair is a set of blue eyes, comparable in beauty to the most attentively cut sapphire.

In terms of clothing, Yukari has seldom worn the proper Shinigami Uniform, set with a Kimono and Hakama. She finds the extra fabric to be annoying and restrictive; she would much rather wear something others might consider a bit 'skimpy', due to the freedom of movements it provides. Her average wear consists of jean shorts, stopping barely inches away from her crotch; with this, the majority of her thighs are exposed. What covers her torso- well, not much covers her torso, actually.

The majority of Yukari's chest is exposed, her breasts held up by what could be a bra, or just the top-half of a swimsuit. It's hard to tell, and no-one else but her really knows, mainly due to snooping in her quarters being a dangerous task, and asking or straight-up feeling them present further dangers. Nevertheless, the only article of clothing covering her chest--albeit just barely--is a bra/swimsuit thingy. The rest is exposed, including her abdominal region. Speaking of her abdomen, it would seem that several scars are visible--no doubt a testament to the arduous trials and experiences one of her caliber and age would have to go through.

Dropping back down, her hips are hugged by a white belt, and even further down, one might note her black boots, which hug her legs just as tightly一most likely even tighter than一as her belt. The last piece of clothing Yukari wears is a black hoodie, with the occasional white-linings and highlights all around it.

Going back to her actual physical traits, Yukari's eyes, as aforementioned, have a deep blue tinge to it. In certain一specifically brighter一lightings, it might appear to be lighter, even having somewhat of a cyan hue. Her large, wide eyes are crowned by a set of long and thick eyelashes which occasionally tap her thin black eyebrows upon blinking.

Her facial structure is rounder than most, attributed by a slight jawline and a set of barely protruding cheekbones, all of which add to her youthful visage. However, her hair, which falls over her ears一completely covering them一and a set of bangs which fall over her forehead in disarray provide the illusion of a longer, more ovular facial structure, which puts her in the situation of looking somewhere in her early twenties, on occasion.

Her weight is just as much a touchy subject as her age, but she's just barely a bit more comfortable with releasing this piece of information, seeing as it's quite the preferred number: 48kg. As for her height一well, her height is of little concern to her, despite the actual short stature she possesses: 165cm


»Respectful: The numerous ages spent in Soul Society, and more specifically within the ranks of the Gotei, have chiseled her manners to the point of having a generally polite way of carrying herself. Yukari finds it shameful for someone to act without manners, therefore she does just the opposite. Furthermore, when someone has actually done something worthy of acknowledgement, she won't simply have manners, but legitimately respect them. In contrast, if someone does something uncouth, she will most likely cease to treat them with manners. In the event that the person subsequently does something shameful to doing something respectful (or doing both repetitively), she will retain polite tones, but might express her disapproval subliminally, in light of their shameful actions.

In regards to higher-ups, they naturally deserve respect, for reasons such as simply being "higher-up", as well as doing something deserving of that position. Naturally, Yukari will give them due respect, however, a situation may arise in which Yukari's personal opinion differs with their acquirement of the spot. In this case, she will treat them politely, but express her disapproval subliminally.

»Loyal: Her loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to the Gotei. After some point, she began to completely dedicate herself to the Gotei, and only the utmost respect and admiration is held for the creator, and in turn, the Soul King and Royal Guard, whom as Shinigami, accomplished great feats.

Following her loyalty is the willingness to go to the farthest reaches of Hueco Mundo and the deepest depths of the Muken under instruction; in a difficult situation, she is more likely to pick the option best suited towards the well being of the Gotei, even if it means her own demise.

Her loyalty isn't only held to the Gotei, however. More so than the Gotei, she hold her own friends and family even closer. Despite contradiction of the previous paragraph, in the scenario where she must pick the Gotei or her family, she'll probably try to do the best for both of them, but in the case where she realises she must pick, her friends and family come as priority.

»Distant: People who consider themselves more than simply acquainted with Yukari will probably notice that she's a bit distant emotionally and socially. Her true feelings are usually kept to herself, aside from the very closest of beings to her. On a social level, she generally keeps away, not necessarily out of disliking conversations and simply preferring isolation, but rather a feeling of not being able to open herself up very well.

»Stable:On assorted levels Yukari presents stability. In terms of reputation, honour and status, she could actually bet set for the rest of her life in Soul Society if she was to go completely inactive. In these terms, not only does her current position attribute to this, but her noble family and sheer amount of accomplishments add up as well.

She's stable on a mental level as well. There's a lack of stress in her life, despite the hard work that comes along with being a captain; this fact is mainly due to her ability to actually properly handle all of the work. Her sense of responsibility, though great, is balanced by an understanding of proper structure; so in the case that she can't complete her work by a deadline一should there be one一Yukari's not afraid of asking her vice-captain for assistance, thereby keeping stability in her life on a mental level.

In terms of emotional well-being, her distance doesn't help. Though she has yet to have an emotional breakdown一as her closest friends are possible outlets一emotions possess the highest possibility of destabilising her.



Entering Soul Society

Yukari found herself in unfamiliar territory one evening. The moon was shining brightly, shrounded in a light bed of clouds, tinged blue from the dark sky. The vicinity was in complete silence. Her mind was absent, devoid of any memory or knowledge, aside from language and a few points about herself, including name and a piece of information which showed her own appearance within her mind. Unbeknownst to her, this was essentially the Afterlife.

Without a moments notice, her mind went blank, as well as her sight and hearing.

"...Unfortunately, we're going to have to have a tight handle on this..."

The usual customs were carried out with the arrival of a new soul, and as such, Yukari was processed. She found herself to talk rarely, which certainly didn't help her adaptation into what was known as "Rukongai", her new place of residence. She had been advised to find a "family" by someone that vaguely left an impression in her mind, but it would seem that there was no need for her to "seek". Rather, she was already sought herself.

A man had appeared before her, dressed in familiar white and black garments she had repetitively seen throughout her short time here. This man would eventually shape her into the reputed warrior she would then become recognized as. Yukari had found herself a family, or rather, her family found her.

The Academy

Yukari quickly discovered that the family she had soon become a part of was well-known. More than just well-known, in fact. Unknowingly, Yukari had become a noble, a part of the famed "Osamerukami" family.

At first she would accept it as a simple fact, living her new life obediently, acquiring the customs and expectations of one of Nobility; however, after a few years passed, she had begun to question her stasis. Why was Yukari personally chosen by the head to join? It was certainly something of rare occurrence to be apart of a noble family at all, and even rarer to be chosen directly by the head, so what was it that made her so special? In due time, she would discover.


The time had come; as expected of one in a Noble Family, Yukari had joined the Academy for the Gotei 13. It was shortly after her join that she also discovered the reason for her assimilation into the Osamerukami family: her latent skill.

Apparently, the head of the family had a remarkable skill that would allow him to gauge a persons ability and potential with extreme accuracy. As a result, when he had seen Yukari, his interest in her set off, thus having her join the family. Though seemingly simplistic and impulsive, she would prove his ability to gauge quite well.

Within the academy, Yukari had received somewhat of a "special treatment", no doubt granted by her status. This would further her isolated demeanor, as it would put her in a spot of reverence somewhat, defining the line between her and her Noble Family from fellow students.

Despite the lack of social life within the academy, this allowed for more time to study and train, and in just 3 years she had finished the Academy; she could truly be considered a prodigy. Not only did she pass through the academy in remarkable timing, but she had developed skills in all four categories, albeit some moreso than others.

Division 1

Nobility and results of the academy combined, Yukari was put into the First Division. Though extremely young in terms of the time spent in Soul Society, others seemed for it to be appropriate, seeing as how she was personally recommended from a Noble Head, as well as providing extraordinary results from graduating the academy. To add onto the reasons of her entrance into the first division so quickly, and with barely any opposition, was the new Captain Commander's recognition of her talent, something of equal rarity to the recommendation of a Noble Head.

Regardless, Yukari was now in the First Division, and was certainly opposed to disappointing the people who had approved of her capabilities. Thus, she became highly proactive, training and studying in her free-time, and working arduously for the 1st Division when the situation presented itself. In fact, she dedicated all her time to the advancement of her rank and ability.


Approximately 3 years later, Yukari had been awarded the 11th seat position. It was apparent that her leadership qualities and pure skill as a Shinigami excelled far beyond the norm. Only three years had elapsed before she could topple the ranks, both in terms of excellency and battle prowess一both things attributing the a grave requirement of someone at such a high stature.

What surprised people even more than the speed of her rise is the fact that she had acquired the rank without a shikai, something that caused many people worry. Not only was she young, but the lack of a shikai had led others to believe she was unprepared and far too inexperienced.

The stress of her judgement from others without actually looking at her results and impact made her suffer greatly. A naturally introverted person, the stress was constantly bottled up to the point of physical repercussions. At some point, Yukari began to grow ill, and as the days had passed, her illness escalated.

Yukari's reiatsu would fluctuate constantly, showing just how dangerous her condition appeared to be; so dangerous, in fact, that the latent power of her Zanpakuto, even without knowledge of it's name, was utilised. Her overall instability had caused her Zanpakuto to go rampant, and metal began to consume her quarters, all 6 surfaces of her room encased in metal.


When Yukari awakened, the whole housing was non-existent. The moon shined bright and full, wrapped in a clouds tinged blue, similar to her arrival in Soul Society. The Osamerukami Head and Captain Commander stood over her body, laid flat upon the floor.

"I see... I understand. I'll train her."


Yukari was placed before the Central 46.

"For the crime of destroying the quarters of Division 1, you should be punished; however, after discussion between your Family's Head and Captain Commander Xion, you will instead be deemed under probation. Your are not to leave the premises of Seireitei unless instructed otherwise, or with a person of Captain Rank or higher as a chaperon."

This was her verdict, and for a girl as young as her, it was quite the fearful event.


It was on the outskirts of some random village outside of Seireitei一serenity and silent isolation was present, aside from her Captain, Xion. She had already been more than acquainted with the Captain, seeing as how he directly oversaw her transition from the Academy into his Division, and was present to see her don the 11th seat, but his existence was still one of reverence.

It was abrupt, but her training to take control of her power had begun. Arduous tasks were given, structured to make her patient and aware, both things required for control. A few weeks would pass before Yukari brought up the subject of why such special treatment was given in regards to her advancement. Certainly she had destroyed an entire dorm subconsciously, but there had to be some other pressing matters for the leader of the entire Gotei 13 to attend to. In light of this question, the truth would be spoken.

"To be honest, everything has been planned since your arrival in Soul Society."

Yukari was confused when hearing this statement, but before she could reply, Xion continued.

"Once in a while, a soul arrives with qualities beyond the usual. In your case, it was your Reiatsu. However, yours wasn't simply beyond the usual. It was beyond comprehensible."

Yukari felt a bit honoured at this statement, but her confusion continued just the same.

"The second you came to Soul Society, everyone with the capability could sense you. Everyone else fainted. I'm sure you can take a guess at how that'd be a problem, so, we came to you the second you arrived, and the Osamerukami Head sealed your reiatsu. After all these years passed, it was only inevitable that the seal would begin wearing down; the proof of that was the destruction of your quarters. So, the reason you're getting all this special treatment is to put your power under control as quickly as possible before something similar to your arrival happens again."


Several years, decades even, had elapsed before the completion of her training. Throughout the years, Xion would appear less and less to instruct her directly. Eventually, he would stop coming at all, leaving her to train and gain control through her own devices. After these decades had elapsed, the seal the Head of the Family had placed on her had completely vanished. She would now traverse back to the newly built quarters of the First Division.

Reuniting with the Captain Commander, she would quickly be put back to work, but mistrust still circulated. Of course, with all the years going by, and her new, extremely advanced capabilities in place, there certainly wasn't going to be anymore "incidents", but several people could simply not believe that completely. Rather, she was met with several travesties of herself, but maturity followed after the decades had gone by. Stress would fail to take a hold of her this time. Far from it, actually一instead, her work was far greater than before, and the accomplishments that would follow advanced just greatly.

However, the predicament still stood: her lack of a shikai. Or so they had believed.


In a mission within the human world, several adjuchas class hollows一along with a few lower-level hollows一appeared around the Pacific, near what is now known as Okinawa. Yukari, Xion and other shinigami from assorted divisions participated in the mission. After realising the information was not false, and that several adjuchas level hollows一some records saying that the numbers surpassed dozens一were indeed present.

A battle commenced, and it was one in which did not resolve itself easily. Rather, the battle continued for several hours, contrary to how long a battle would normally last. It was in this heated event, Yukari spoke up with confidence resonating through her voice.

"Sensei, would you like to see something cool? Like, my Shikai maybe?"

Xion became angry at the fact that Yukari had attained such a form, and yet, she failed to use it earlier, considering the extra help would perhaps save the lives of the already fallen. Her reply was sound, however, and she didn't answer his lecture verbally.

"Reveal thyself and respect my wishes, Kinzoku Kuraikami!"

Her Zanpakuto would vibrate violently before condensing into a liquefied form, suddenly slipping into her sleeve. Upon incantation, it became clear as to why she had not used it earlier. A blue glow resonated around her body, growing in size an vibrancy. Eventually, it all seemed to disappear, sucked into her sleeves, but such was short-lived, as a sudden burst of energy came, with Yukari as the epicenter.

The burst of her reiryoku was immense, practically incinerating the low-leveled hollows which could not handle her blast. On another hand, several shinigami fainted as well, in the presence of such immense reiatsu. Her shikai's release was indeed powerful, but indiscriminate.

The immensity of her reiatsu was unreal, as the waves below them had churred violently. Directly beneath her, all the water had gone, a round wave beginning to expand un-ending, eventually resulting in the Sanriku Earthquake of 1611.

The release of her shikai eased the battle into a favorable position, and but an hour later Xion had disposed of the last Adjuchas. After the completion of the long-lived fight, the shinigami returned. Upon re-entering the 1st Division barracks, Xion would inquire Yukari in regards to when she had discovered her shikai. She replied with a brief statement before going off to handle the repercussions of the battle prior.

"I discovered his name after he discovered something respectable in me."


A few centuries then elapsed. Just a few years after the release of her Shikai, Yukari had earned a position as 3rd seat, having now held it for longer than any third seat had held their own.

The war between the Gotei and Arrancar arose along with the body count. Yukari had been sent on a mission to dispose of several adjuchas-level arrancar and hollows. It was in this moment, her recognition reached its peak.

Sent along with several other shinigami from assorted division, with herself as the lead, they traversed into Hueco Mundo, far off from the location of Los Noches. They were greeted with precisely what they had sought: innumerable Adjuchas-leveled Hollows. Though it was quite the challenge to dispose of them all, with Yukari was a wide number of their very own Seated Shinigami, all of which were capable of Shikai.

Of course, her very own amazing reaitsu attributed to the battle being held in their favor for its majority, but their opposing numbers began to grow, more of these "wolves" growing in number. The losses on her own side began to slim down at a dangerous rate. She was pinned down to her last resort: Bankai.

Yukari was one of the few who possessed Bankai and not hold a captain-position. In fact, Yukari herself was on par with some other captains, but she held loyalty to Xion, who trained her and helped her reach such heights in the first place. Thus, she would never even think of leaving the First Division.

Nevertheless, a predicament was at hand. Like her shikai, the release of her Bankai would bring along such levels of reiatsu that her fellow comrades, despite their Seated Ranks, would likely faint as well. Her options were slim, however. The only thing she saw viable aside from her release was retreat, but the shame she would bring with her in such an action would be far too much to bear. In her mind she could practically see the disappointment of her first failed mission, and the possibility of her Captain no longer acknowledging her. Though the actual fact was that such a thing was unlikely, in the midst of battle she couldn't help but think of something so far-fetched. In her mind, only one option could be chosen without major repercussions.

A sudden burst of Reiatsu followed a single word, and just as her shikai did, the burst ceased as blue reiatsu enveloped Yukari.


The reiatsu burst outwards once again as the surrounding areas shook. Her clothing changed and so did the colour of her reiatsu. Rather than the dark blue with black outline it once possessed, it showed a shade similar to the Head of the Osamerukami family. The sheer depths of her spiritual pressure were off the charts. The surrounding Adjuchas stood wary of her, but even then their demise would be inevitable.


The party that went along with Yukari had returned to Seireitei, most all of them tattered. The noses of those who greeted them back bled as Yukari revealed herself, her already small articles of clothing tattered and ripped apart as well. As the famous proverb would go, the battle was won, but the war was not. Nevertheless, Yukari persevered throughout its longevity.

Upon return, a epithet she had yet to hear before was heard.

"The Blue Moon Reaper!"

The few who had possessed the ability to stay conscious during Yukari's release, though put under massive pressure, witnessed the scene that would earn her the name, and it was fearfully glorious. Her Reiatsu lingered within Hueco Mundo, dissipating slowly. It's colour painted the skies of Hueco Mundo, the moon left blue for the remainder of the war.

Osamerukami Yukari [FINISHED一Xion Only] BlueMoonar_zpsfdd572f9


The war had finally ended, but there was little joy that followed; instead, grief took it's place. Mountains could be made with the piles of bodies resulting in the finale of the "Blue Moon War". There was no time for Yukari to grief herself, however. All she could do was attempt to sow a thread through the damages, constantly awake to attend to the massive damages that occurred throughout Soul Society. Even the promotion of Lieutenant wasn't enough to retract a smile from her visage一the devastation was far too great.

A couple of years would pass over before there were visible changes for the better in the overall well-being of the Gotei. Grief had continued to transpire, but things were looking up. Despite the cautions brewing through a phenomenon which had occurred over Africa, Soul Society was once again regaining its former glory. However, a concern lingered. Some positions of Captaincy were left to be filled, and the Thirteenth Division was in disarray.

In light of this, Yukari couldn't help but feel the need to volunteer. Her loyalty to Xion stayed strong, and her desire to aid him was still present, but it was difficult to overlook the needs of an entire division. Besides, with the destruction of the Blue Moon War, there wasn't an abundance of people who could fill the positions well.

She had brought up her switch to Captaincy with Xion one evening. Her supporting evidence that would conclude in her capabilities to properly lead the division well was made up of her long stay with the Gotei, the leadership skills she had chiseled to excellency over the years spent in the Division of Command, as well as the sheer amount of accomplishment dedicated towards the organisation. It wasn't hard to see her taking such a position, and such a position was in dire need of someone at Yukari's caliber.

Thus, with the approval of Xion himself and two other captains, as well as the Central 48 acknowledging her request to fill the position, Yukari had donned the "13th Division Captain" name.

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FINISHED! I'd request that Xion grade my app personally; I've already discussed with him and he's fine with it. Furthermore it includes the Captain Commander several times within the History, so grading this thing himself would seem viable.


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Approved @ 5000 phenomenal work on this app, both visually and content wise.
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Osamerukami Yukari [FINISHED一Xion Only]

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