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 Shikko [FIN]

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Carlotta Alflatt

Carlotta Alflatt

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PostSubject: Shikko [FIN]   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:23 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Shikkō (Executioner)

Family: Metal/Sin(darkness)


Inner World: Carlotta's inner world seems to take the form of a post-apocalyptic cityscape, as most of the buildings seem to be worn and run down, the streets covered with newspapers and other litter, and most of the cars that are in the streets are blood and dust covered. Strangely, screams can sometimes be heard off in the distance, as well some sirens. Carlotta wonders why this is as her and Shikkō are the only ones with access to her inner world. Shikkō has told her that these are the cries of the damned, the ones Carlotta has punished with her blade.

Inner World:

Appearance: Shikkō takes the form of a 10 foot tall, overly muscular man wearing a butcher's outfit. He wears a sack on top of his head and seems to wear it as a mask, though it doesn't seem to have any eye holes for him to see out of. He is perpetually covered in blood, though it is a wonder why as him and Carlotta are the only ones with access to her inner world. His body also seems to have nails half-hammered into it. He carries around a huge weapon that on one side of the head is a giant meat tenderizer and on the other an axehead. Both seem to be covered in dried blood.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Personality: Shikkō's personality is very much like that of an executioner. He is very gruff, and only speaks when spoken to. Shikkō enjoys to 'punish' Carlotta, as he is a bit of a sadist. While him and Carlotta seem to have a manageable relationship, it is extremely rocky as Carlotta never knows who is truly in control, her, or Shikkō. Shikkō, despite being a very sadistic person, has shown that he can be a very caring person, as he has shown to show kindness to his partner if she is in a dire situation as he will completely turn off her pain receptors. He has also shown that he has a fondness for animals as, for some reason or another, he has been seen with the occasional random animal when Carlotta goes into her inner world. She has no clue where he gets these animals, and she doesn't ask.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: When sealed, Shikkō appears to be a small wakazashi blade. The blade itself, instead of being curved like a normal wakazashi, is completely straight with the tip jutting out at the top in the back. The blade is also a solid black color. The edge of the blade is serrated, like a machete. The tsuba takes the appearance of a hollowed out Iron Cross and the handle is a simple black handle with black cloth wrapped around it. The sheath is just as simple, with just a little bit of flair to it. The sheath is primarily black, but at the end of it, had 8 pink lines that come down in a spiral to around the halfway point.

Sealed Zanpakuto:

Type: Wakazashi

*camouflage:  N/A

*Note that this release is only available to those who possess the augment "Shikai".

release phrase:  Execute

Appearance: Shikkō when unsealed, gives of a bright glow and starts to shrink until it becomes a small black cube the size of Carlotta's hand. The black cube has barely visible pink-colored lines that gives it the appearance of a small Rubik's Cube. The cube itself has a slightly reflective surface, and when touched feels cold as ice. When she is using one of her abilities, the lines in the cube glow a bright pink as it starts to open up before morphing into the weapon she summoned.

Shikkō's Unsealed Appearance:

Ability:  Shikkō has a unique ability. The ability of Shikkō is that the cube is actually a housing device for hundreds of torture devices, such as drills, small handheld guillotines, etc etc. Carlotta would chant a spell that would cause the cube to glow and morph into a specific weapon that is sealed in the cube. The power of the weapon is signified by the number it is given, with 1 being the weakest and 99 being the strongest.

Techs: ( may only have up to 7 techs unless a tech pack has been purchased. please use template below.)

Name: Execution Weapon Format #21: Naginata
Description: This ability causes Carlotta's cube to morph into a large Halberd that is about twice her size. The tip of the Halberd blade is split into 5 points, with the center one being the actual blade and the 4 circling it jutting out from the blade somewhere along the way.
Preparation Time: 1 post for the cube to finish morphing.
Duration: As long as Carlotta remains in shikai, or changes weapon formats.
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Execution Weapon Format #57: Ake
Description: This ability causes Carlotta's cube to morph into a small drill that covers her fist.
Preparation Time: 1 post
Duration: As long as Carlotta remains in Shikai, or changes weapon formats.
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Execution Weapon Format #69: Tate
Description: This ability causes Carlotta's cube to morph into a massive 5 foot long and 4 foot wide shield that has 1 foot spikes adorning the frame that face away from Carlotta. The shield is near impregnable, but leaves her sides and back completely open.
Preparation Time: 2 posts
Duration: 5 post maximum until reverts back to the basic cube.
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Execution Weapon Format #83: Setsudanki
Description: This ability causes Carlotta's cube to morph into a guillotine styled sword with spikes on the outer edges and a blade at the top of the hollow inside.
Preparation Time: 1 post
Duration: 5 posts maximum until reverts back to the basic cube.
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Execution Weapon Format #92: Uchidasu
Description: This ability causes Carlotta's cube to morph into a massive, two handed hammer. The head of the hammer is styled with small, spiked nubs that give it the appearance of a meat tenderizer.
Preparation Time: 3 posts
Duration: 5 posts maximum until reverts back to basic cube.
Cooldown: 8 posts

Name: Infinite Pain
Description: This is a passive ability that affects Carlotta regardless of weapon state. With Infinite Pain active, which is always, Carlotta is always in pain. However, while in Shikai, Carlotta is able to transfer a small portion of the pain by making contact with her weapon and her opponent, the catch, however, is that it must be in cube form for this to work.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: Permanent on Carlotta and 5 posts for her opponents.
Cooldown: 10 posts


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PostSubject: Re: Shikko [FIN]   Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:52 pm

Approved! Excellent job!
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Shikko [FIN]

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