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 Carlotta Alflatt [FIN]

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Carlotta Alflatt

Carlotta Alflatt

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Name: Carlotta Alflatt

Alias: The Executioner

Age: 237

Visual Age: around 13

Gender: Female

Reiatsu Color: Black with pink streaks

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 2nd

Rank: Lieutenant



Appearance: Carlotta Alflatt appears to be a very young girl around the age of 12 or 13. She stands around 4 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in around 90 pounds. She has bluish silver hair that drapes down her back to her waist. This hair has bangs that frame her feminine face. He eyes are a dark red color. Her body is heavily scarred, due to her nature of not caring about her well being. When off duty she can normally be seen wearing an outfit which highly resembles a Japanese schoolgirls uniform. When on duty, she wears a modified Shihakushou. The top is pretty much the same, except she wears a pink sash on her chest going from the right shoulder to the left of her waist. The bottom of the uniform is completely modified. Instead of the normal pants, she wears it as a short skirt with black stockings on below that. The shoes are also modified. Instead of being flat, she wears heels to accommodate for her lack of height. Her zanpakutou is normally strapped onto her back in a horizontal position. On her right shoulder, she wears the badge of the 2nd division, signifying her position as Lieutenant.

Personality: Carlotta has a very unique personality in that depending on the situation, she can be one of two things. On a normal basis, she is very tsundere. Meaning she will get angry at the littlest things and then get embarrassed and try to shrug it off. She is also very catlike. In combat, however, she is ruthless. So ruthless in fact, that she has earned the nickname 'The Executioner.' When it comes to killing Hollows, or anyone who threatens the safety of the Soul Society, she is one of the best. She does however have her flaws. When in this state of being she has no care for her own safety. Not like she needs to anyways as even sealed, her Zanpakuto's passive ability is in effect. She also has a third, more 'secret' personality. She tries to keep this personality hidden, as not only does she hate it, but it makes her ruthless personality look like a walk in the park. This personality is triggered if she gets angry enough while in combat. It's one of the reasons she works alone. This personality, is the real reason she is called The Executioner, as this personality, simply doesn't care if you are friend, foe, innocent, living, or dead. If you have blood, this personality will paint the world with that blood. This personality is a manifestation of Shikkō taking complete control over Carlotta.
Carlotta loves sweets. This fact is shown in the that she will normally walk around with a lollipop in her mouth and a bag of sweets tucked away in her shihakushou
She has shown a love for the Japanese culture.
She loves cute things. Puppies, kittens, cute plush dolls, it's cute, she likes it.
Carlotta has shown a love for people that will defend her, as she feels they are kinder then most people she encounters in the 2nd Division.
Carlotta, despite her young appearance, has shown an interest in rum. She can sometimes be found drinking some when she is lazing about.
She also enjoys tea, as when on duty, she will sometimes head into one of many tea shops.
She has a deep seated love for animals, and wishes she could keep a cat in the 11th Division Barracks.
X Carlotta HATES her nickname 'The Executioner' as she feels it puts her in a bad light, and that it doesn't make her sound cute.
X She has shown that she hates ugly things. What is ugly to her, is yet to be said.
X She has also shown a dislike of combat, as it shows off her ugly side.
X She has a fear of storms.
X She has shown that she dislikes women with big breasts, as she feels they 'out shine her' when it comes to romance.
X Carlotta dislikes bitter things, such as Coffee.
X Carlotta generally hates grown dogs, as she feels they get ugly when they grow up.
X She has a dislike of Mashed Potatoes. She doesn't like how it feels when she eats them.
Motivations: Carlotta's motivations vary. She has very few motivations other then killing her opponents. She takes her job very seriously. She does however, have three secret motivations. To exceed the current head of the family she is apart of, and claim ownership. She feels that if she does that, she can get the respect she desires. Another motivation is to make those who created her Zanpakuto suffer. She feels they deserve punishment for what they did to her. Her third and final secret motivation is to free herself fro Shikko's tyranny over her body. She hates the fact that he controls her through pain and feels that if she were to break free of him, the pain would finally go away. This, however, is not an easy objective. Because even if when she doesn't have Shikko with her, her body is still in pain.
Fears: Carlotta has very few fears, but her three biggest fears are: Lighting, storms, and being alone. She fears lighting storms as it reminds her of the day she died, as it was storming that day and when the executioner was lifting his massive axe, lighting struck the tower, and that was the last thing she saw before losing her head, literally. This can also be said for her fear of storms. Her fear of being alone can be explained in that when she was alive, her family was always leaving her alone while they worked. Carlotta had no friends, as every friend she ever had ended up hating her after the rumors they heard about her, none of them true.


Life and Death: Carlotta lived a fairly normal life, for a noble's daughter. She grew up in France and was born 13 years before what would soon to be the French Revolution. In 1789, two months after her 13th birthday, her family's home was ransacked by revolutionaries and her and her family were held for treason against the mighty nation of France. The last things Carlotta saw where her parents being beheaded, and then the glint of an axe as it was drawn down upon her own head.

Soul Society: When Carlotta woke up, she found that she was in a small, grassy field. She had no clue where she was and curled up into a ball and started crying. It was then that she heard a voice speaking to her. She looked up to see a very beautiful woman with a pink sash looking down at Carlotta. The woman introduced herself as Josephine Alflatt. Josephine asked where Carlotta's parents or family were, and Carlotta said she didn't know. Josephine frowned at her and decided to take her to her family where Carlotta was soon inducted into. 50 years later, Carlotta started to show promise as the family's next Shinigami representative. She had to wait 50 more years before she would be allowed to enter the Shinigami Academy as the Alflatt's representative.

The Academy: On Carlotta's 100th year, she was inducted into the Shinigami Academy. She excelled in every class she took, except one. When she took Combat Classes, the instructors started to notice a distinctive change in her personality. Any time she would hold an unsheathed blade, her eyes would grow cold, her demeanor would change completely, and she would not be able to work well with other classmates. When the instructors noticed this change every time, they decided to pull her out of Group Combat Class and teach her alone. This was a good move, and a bad one as well, as they started to see signs that she may be a danger to everyone. They decided the best course of action would be to restrain her abilities to a smaller degree of what they could be. By doing they, they gave her a unique Zanpakuto that the Department of Research and Development had designed for just this kind of purpose. When Carlotta grabbed the Zanpakuto, she was ripped away from reality, and dropped into her Inner World. She saw how horrid this Inner World was and wanted to escape. But every time she tried, she was met with who she could only call The Executioner. When she was finally cornered, this being introduced himself as Shikko. That he was the Spirit of the Zanpakuto she was now in possession of. He told her that he was her partner now and that she had better make good use of him, or she would end up dead. He then raised his massive weapon into the air and slammed it down in front of Carlotta causing her to be jolted back to reality where she saw she had not only wiped out every target they had set up for her, but had even accidentally killed one of the people measuring her abilities. Upon graduation she was able to choose between 2nd division or 11th division. She chose 2nd division for reasons known only to herself.

Becoming a Lieutenant: In her 50th year in 2nd Division, Carlotta, fitting with her strive for greatness, was fed up with being fed the table scraps of the higher ups. She decided that she wanted more. So she challenged the current Lieutenant to a contest. The contest was a simple one, one that wouldn't require combat, but stealth. The contest was to see who could sneak around all the division barracks and grab a white flag hidden somewhere within and whoever had the most, would be declared the winner. If you were caught by any of the guards, you would automatically lose. The Lieutenant agreed. The contest started at dawn the next day. Both Carlotta and the Lieutenant vanished, heading for the 13th division barracks. Carlotta paused on the rooftop and scanned the grounds, looking for any hint as to where the flag might be. She noticed that there was a small shack that was for some reason or another heavily guarded. She smiled as she realized this must be where the flag was. She picked up a small pebble she found and chucked it in the opposite direction hoping it would distract the guards. When they turned their heads, Carlotta shunpoed towards them and kicked them, knocking them out. When she entered the shack she found the flag and claimed it. She then shunpoed towards the 12th division barracks, which was a little more guarded. There is no need to go by barracks by barrack outline, but by the time Carlotta was at the 2nd division barracks, she heard an alarm go off and she hid on the rooftop in case it was her that was spotted. Instead it was the Lieutenant who was found and Carlotta smirked as she shunpoed towards the 1st division barracks and the Lieutenant was carried there. Carlotta was declared the winner, and was promoted to Lieutenant, a position she has maintained for the past 31 years.

Bankai Training:
For as long as she could remember, her zanpakuto spirit has forbade her from wandering towards the center of their shared inner world. One day, about 20 years ago, when she was called into her world but Shikko was nowhere to be found, she started to disobey him and wander towards the center of the hellish city that made up her inner world. Upon reaching the center, she found a massive crater, about the size of 4 football fields.

In the center of this crater was, what she could only assume to be her bankai. A giant iron maiden. But it was locked with 7 locks, each of them inscribed with Latin wording. She explored the crater and looked at each lock, reading out the words engraved into each one, the words being superbia (Pride), avaritia (Greed), luxuria (Lust), invidia (Envy), gula (Gluttony), ira (Wrath), and acedia (Sloth). She couldn't read the wording, but could only assume that they were clues as to how to unlock her bankai. Before she could even figure out what the words meant, Shikko found her and, with a slam of his hammer, sent her back to the SS and out of her Inner World.

Blue Moon War:
6 months ago, she partook in the Blue Moon War, the massive war between the Shinigami and the Arrancar. As she was a member of the 2nd division, and the Lieutenant, she was held back from the front lines and instead was sent on stealth missions to aid in the effort to end the war quickly. She was sent on many assassination missions, usually assassinating the fraccion of the espada while they slept.

She was out on a mission when the war was ended, a day she still remembers as one of the most fun she ever had, as she was able to slaughter many an arrancar. It is suspected that her psyche was shattered even more that day, but she has still been able to hide it from everyone but herself.


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Carlotta Alflatt [FIN]

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