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PostSubject: Dameon   Dameon Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2014 6:33 am


Name: Dameon

Alias: N/A

Age: 365

Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: White

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 7th

Rank: Captain




Dameon is a relatively tall but well-built man standing roughly six feet and three inches tall and around two hundred pounds of toned muscle built onto his frame. His hair is wavy and black at a length that often needs to be pushed away from his eyes when he wishes to see. His eyes are also a deep dark gray boarder lining on black which gives him a very unusual and dispassionate appearance when looked at. The biggest way to get a sense of Dameon’s emotions is by focusing on his mouth to see its shape in response to emotional triggers.

When in Soul Society Dameon wears the traditional captain’s attire though not without his own flair. He wears the top to his Shihakushōa little more loosely as it reveals a more V-neck shape revealing a part of his bare chest. On top of that his white captain’s haori is sleeveless and cut at the arms roughly. The appearance if his haori looking a little more roughly cut at the sleeves is from his duel for the captain’s seat where he won his duel but not before dismembering the prior captains arms hence cutting off the sleeves.

When in his Gigai form Dameon dresses a little more uniquely. He prefers black attire and wears clothes that are tighter to his body. He wears a black t-shirt and tight black jeans with a black leather overcoat he leaves unbuttoned. He also wears a pair of black gloves that extend halfway up his forearms and black boots that allow him to grip the earth better. He also prefers in his gigai to have his zanpakuto be held at his waist by a couple of chains that are attached to his thick metal studded belt.


General: Dameon’s personality is very cold and dispassionate but focused. Often preferring to spend his free time to himself he will play chess to give himself a mental challenge and stimulation. Though highly intelligent he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself unless it involves strategy on a larger scale rather than a duel. He hates the feeling of being alone but because of his past he chooses to be alone so that icwhen he sets his mind to something spending countless hours in training and preparation to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

Likes: Though he forces himself to keep to himself and not build any strong attachments to anyone, he prefers challenges and healthy competition with those around him. Other than that Dameon also enjoys eating a nice warm cooked meal and playing chess or reading to further develop his quest for more knowledge. Though he is not obsessed with learning everything there is, he is obsessed with fighting tactics and strategies and as such is a great teacher when it comes to such.

Dislikes: Dameon has a very open mind and is always willing to adapt or try new things but there are a few things in which even he cannot stand. Arrogance is one such thing that drives him crazy when he sees’s someone with that trait. As such he accepts nobody in his division that displays such qualities. Another thing Dameon absolutely cannot stand is disrespect. Dameon is very commanding of respect from those in his division and he feels he has earned the right to be respected amongst his peers. Those that are disrespectful to him usually are either kicked out of the division or are executed.

Motivations: Though strict and demanding Dameon’s motivation is to protect Soul Society and those in his division. Unlike most captains Dameon has a courageous and protecting soul, while often choosing to avoid confrontation he will make the exception to protect someone under his command. Prior to becoming a captain Dameon’s motivation was to avenge his lovers’ death at the hands of the former 7th division captain in an accidental confrontation where his lover was a case of mistaken identity. Using this motivation he successfully beat the 7th division captain in a duel and executed him in a similar fashion. Currently other than protecting those he commands he is motivated to get ready for the new threat that has begun to reveal itself.

Fears: Though knowing and understanding it is unavoidable Dameon fears the loss of loved ones and those he swore to protect. Whether it be a civilian in Soul Society or on earth, or someone he commands he fears it happening. Though because Dameon fears such things he actively gives everything to stop something like that from occurring. To go along with this fear Dameon is loosely afraid of becoming involved in another relationship, especially after what had happened in his last one.



The Beginning

Unacceptable Loss


The Academy/Graduation


The Blue Moon War





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PostSubject: Re: Dameon   Dameon Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 9:35 pm

Granted. 4,500
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