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 Lanying Baozhai [Fin}

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Lanying Baozhai

Lanying Baozhai

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PostSubject: Lanying Baozhai [Fin}   Lanying Baozhai [Fin} Icon_minitimeThu Mar 27, 2014 1:36 am


Name: Lanying Baozhai

Alias: Lany, though she hates the nickname. Her other alias is Kenpachi, but only on the battlefield will she accept being called this name.

Age: 1810

Visual Age: Late teens to early 20s

Gender: Female

Reiatsu Color: Pink and Purple

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 11th

Rank: Captain Class


Appearance: Lanying Baozhai is a fairly tall individual. She stands about 5 feet 7 inches in height, but with her boots that is hightened by 2 inches so she stands 5 feet 9 inches. Her clothing is unique to most shinigami, as she has customized her shihakusho to suit her liking. Her shihakusho is black like the rest of them, but she has customized it so the top is a small top that hugs her rather average bust, but leaving her flat stomach completely open, as well as her back. The sleeves of her top are detached, leaving her shoulders open. The bottoms of her shihakusho are normal, except she wears pink and white boots instead of the normal sandals. She wears a white and pristine version of the 11th division Haori, rather than the tattered and worn version that is usually known to be worn by the captain of the 11th.

Her body is covered from head to toe in a large purple dragon tattoo that starts at her ankles and climbs its way up her leg, skating over her rear, breaking off to peek out above her bottoms on her stomach, with the rest ending just before her neck and covering her shoulders. Her back is also heavily scarred, having scars that crisscross all over the place, from above her rear, to just under her shoulders.

When in a gigai, she wears an outfit with a top exactly like her shihakusho's, except it's white on the left side and black on the right with gold trimmings as well a gold half cirlcle underneath her left breast. Her bottoms take a drastic change as they consist of what looks like the tattered remains of a black and purple cloak, a white ruffled miniskirt, and black stockings. The tattered remains of the cloak are worn on top of her miniskirt and extends a good distance away from her body. It is held in place by a brown belt. She keeps her boots in this outfit, but these ones have steel toes as well as black soles.

Apperance Picture:

Personality: Lanying Baozhai's personality can be described in a few words. She is best described as a Dandere.

When looked at, she is a very quiet girl. Her face is usually void of all emotion, unless with her pets or her lieutenant, and will usually remain that way even in the heat of battle. When given an order, or talked to, or even looked at, she will either nod, or look away. Because of this, she is often thought of as a loner, when in actuality all she wants it to be able to make friends, she just doesn't know how.

Because of her quiet nature, she usually carries around a small notepad where she will write down what she intends to say, give it to her lieutenant, who will then relay it to anyone around. When she does speak, her voice is much like her personality, soft and quiet. However, she will usually only speak one or two words, three if you are lucky.

  • Lanying is an animal lover. She loves animals, and people who have animal characteristics. These are the only people that Lanying will be herself around.
  • Lanying, despite her desire to make friends, enjoys being alone, or with as little amount of people as possible.
  • Lanying is known to enjoy a drink here and there. She is known to enjoy sitting in one of the many bars and nursing a single drink all night, but will be off in the corner of the bar all by herself.
  • She enjoys baths as they can help her relax and unwind after a long day of being a captain.
  • Lanying enjoys sneaking out of Seireitei to go play with the 50+ pets she keeps in a secret house that she owns deep within the Rukongai. She usually hires some of the townspeople to make sure they are fed and took care of, but Lanying still worries about them.
  • She also enjoys suntanning and, as is obvious due to her tan complexion, it can be ascertained that she sunbathes nude.
  • She likes the Captain Commander as they were the one who allowed her to be free from the Maggot's Nest and rejoin the Gotei with no infractions on her record.


  • Lanying, despite liking animals of all kind, dislikes snakes. According to what has told Carlotta, she dislikes them because they are known as the tricksters of the animal kingdom.
  • She has a dislike of people in general, as she feels that all they will do is betray her. This is a complete contrast to her personality, and is possibly one of the reasons she is so shy.
  • She has a dislike of the technology of the Human World.
  • She has a dislike of the Second Division as they were the ones who arrested her all those years ago.
  • She has a huge hatred towards the Maggot's Nest. It is one of the only topics she will speak passionately about regardless of who she is around.
  • Lanying has a dislike of cold weather.


  • One of Lanying's motivations is to some day get over her shyness around people. She knows that not all people will betray her, as she has seen from her the Captain Commander, but still does not trust most people.
  • As she is still seen as a murderer in many of the Shinigami's eyes, she wishes to prove her innocence. That she had nothing to do with the incident in question and was just there at the wrong time holding the 'bloodied' weapon.
  • She hopes to one day have enough kan to build a mansion that can house all of her pets.
  • A motivation that is somewhat fitting of her personality, is to someday fall in love, however, as love is an emotion she is a little new to, she has no way of going about this.


  • One of Lanying's biggest fears is the fear of being left behind. She doesn't remember much about her life as a human, but what she does remember, is dieing alone.
  • Lanying seems to also be afraid of storms.
  • Lanying has acute arachnophobia. The is unknown by a majority of people, mostly due to the fact she doesn't speak, but also because her face does not show the fear. Normally when confronted by a spider, Lanying is not alone, therefore she is able to 'hide' from the spider until the spider is either gone or taken care of.
  • Lanying has a fear of snow, mostly because snow is one of the weaknesses to her zanpakuto, but also due to the fact she dislikes the cold.
  • She has a slight fear of blood, due to her past and the time she spent in the Maggot's Nest.



Life and Death:

Life After Death:

Life in the Academy:


Captaincy and the Incident:

Life as a Maggot:

Captaincy, Again:

Blue Moon War:

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Lanying Baozhai [Fin}

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