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 Kago, Kamiko [FIN]

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Kamiko Kago

Kamiko Kago

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PostSubject: Kago, Kamiko [FIN]   Kago, Kamiko [FIN] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2014 1:19 pm


Name: Kamiko Kago

Kamikonpeitou (A portmanteau of her name and a Japanese hard candy. Would roughly translate to Sweet Kamiko)

Koakago (Koa means core. Konpeitou traditionally had a seed core and she's lost her sweet out going demeanor since the war as if she's been sucked to the core)


Visual Age: 13

Gender: Female

Reiatsu Color: Purple

Affiliation: The Gotei 13

Division: 7

Rank: Officer (Seventh Seat)


Appearance: Standing at 4’8” and weighing 84 lbs, Kamiko‘s skinny frame certainly doesn’t make her very intimidating. Her pale skin gives a certain porcelain fragility to her appearance. Still, a telltale sign of her battle experience is the purple adhesive eye patch she started wearing after she lost her left eye in the Blue Moon War. This eye patch is in the shape of her division number and matches the color of her remaining eye. While it covers a scar of war, the choice to use a stylized adhesive patch also highlights the other reason it’s easy to underestimate her: her youth. While she’s older than most humans, her appearance and personality still resemble those of a young girl. The unrealistically large twin blonde ringlet pigtails that she styled her hair into and the purple bow that adorned the top of her head used to complete this image, but she removed both since the war leaving her hair cut short. Kamiko has made no alterations to her shihakusho other than the lieutenant’s badge she wears around her left arm. In gigai, she adorns herself in a purple flowery dress with matching boots, bow and armbands. She also wears two purple earrings and a purple choker in the shape of hearts.

Personality: Kamiko has changed a lot over the years, from a bratty little girl to a pint sized bruiser and to a fish out of water and then a cheerful warrior. Since the Blue Moon War, her personality has taken another evolution. Since the death of her beloved captain, Kamiko can best be described as reserved, in direct contrast with her personality beforehand. Before, she would interact with random people and fight with a fervor, but she cannot escape a listlessness that has been born from despair. The life changing effect this one man’s death has had on her life can be attributed to her tendency of making incredibly close bonds with one person to the point of obsession. Though she has become much more reluctant to bond with people, this habit has not completely waned away. While she avoids socializing, if she is coaxed into a conversation her cheerful demeanor may return for a visit. Though she will fight fervently for someone she cares about, she normally doesn’t enjoy fighting. She has been particularly reluctant to fight since her injury in the war. Part of the reason she has adjusted this well so far is in part due to both the support of her old gang and her Zanpakuto spirit. While she sometimes finds the words of her Zanpakuto encouraging, at times she finds the spirit’s enthusiasm to be annoying. That said, Kamiko usually listens to her advice.

Sweet things
The number “7”
The color purple

Leaving the Seireitei
Bitter, spicy or very sour foods

To overcome the handicap of only one eye
To find peace with the death of her captain

Powerful fighters



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Kago, Kamiko [FIN] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kago, Kamiko [FIN]   Kago, Kamiko [FIN] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2014 11:59 am

Granted. 2200. I really like the two goals you have set here. Wondering how that missing eye, and the replacement for the 7th Division captain, will impact your character during RP.
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Kago, Kamiko [FIN]

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