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 Lazarus Jeager

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Lazarus Jeager

Lazarus Jeager

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PostSubject: Lazarus Jeager   Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:22 pm


Name: Lazarus Jeager

Alias: Silent Reaper

Age: 600

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Blood Red

Ex-Division: Division 11

Affiliation: Rouge

Rank: Captain


Appearance: Lazarus is a slender individual with a mane of thick red hair falling down his back, as well as deeply tanned skin. He is lithe in form with a touch of muscle, standing at 5'11'' tall. A set of piercing golden eyes and sharp features finish off his appearance.

Personality: Lazarus is a thoughtful man, always watching others with an unending curiosity. His fuse for a temper is rather long, but he can't stand to be touched physically. He can be talkative when comfortable, always giving off quick little remarks or statements. Although he isn't easily angered, he will quickly become silent if somebody insults him or the people around him. Once angered he will stop at nothing until the person or people in his cross-hairs are dealt with accordingly. This often leads to disputes between friends, his repressed rage holding no discrimination once unleashed. He can become sadistically sarcastic when exposed to scrutiny, and often finds solace in solitude. Aside from those qualities, Lazarus has a bad habit of speaking his mind regardless of what others might think, never giving it a second glance before saying anything. If anybody touches his food or sweet, he will all but topple the person for his delicious treats, as he has quite the sweet tooth. Although well hidden, a German accent can be heard in his voice when either tired or extremely annoyed.  


History: Lazarus was found in the rukongai at a rather young age, clinging to the tattered remains of what appeared to be cloth, breathes away from deaths door. He was taken in by an older woman in the Zaraki district, fed until he could stand on his own two feet again. The woman never spoke to him, only ever motioning for him to get things for her, or to go out and fetch him necessaries. He took solace in her silence, a mutual relationship formed in the quiet of her home.

Once he gained his strength, she began waking him in the early hours of the morning, putting him through rigorous exercise regimens to strengthen his body. She would work him like an animal for several hours before allowing him to eat and drink to replenish his strength, then they would go at it again until dusk. He did not argue, complain, or even ask why. He couldn't figure out what it was about this woman, but he followed her every command without hesitation, growing stronger as the years passed. It was only after he hit maturity that he would hear her voice, and that afternoon would be the first of many turning points in his life.

He was taking a break from exercise to eat when he heard a crash from inside the home. they had never been given trouble before, aside from a few close calls when he had to 'liberate' some food or drink from a vendor. When he pushed aside the cloth concealing the home, he was met with the sight of an man older than he struggling with the old woman. She didn't speak or cry for help, only fought against the mans barrage of punches and kicks the best she could. Lazarus was on the man in moments, punching and kicking like his life depended on it. He was thrown back and held by his throat, all air escaping him as the man delivered a rip cracking blow to his stomach. He struggled against the mans grip, but he was out of breathe and losing consciousness before he was even hit again. When he came to, the entire place had been cleaned out, food, furniture, everything.

The old woman was slumped over against the wall opposite himself, her shallow breathes being the only thing filling the silence. He scrambled to her with trembling hands, pulling her up as fear engulfed his very core. The first and last time he would hear her speak was when she placed her hand to his face, her blood coating her palm as she whispered to him.
"Don't become like them...you have a kind soul...using it for others. Goodbye...be strong, survive." He hadn't even felt the tears as they fell onto her face, the light in her eyes vanishing as her hand fell to the ground. In the course of one day he ha lost the only thing that held him to his sanity.

He had been hellbent on justice, no he wanted revenge, plain and simple. It took time to track him down, but Lazarus had finally cornered the man from that day. He had been training for this moment for the past few months, and as he pulled back his fist to land a powerful blow to the mans face, he was frozen by the words from that night. His grip on the mans neck loosened enough for the other to touch ground, and he ran without looking back. As Lazarus contemplated what he was to do with himself, he noticed a shinigami rushing through the streets. It was then that he made a decision, he would go to the Soul Society and become the one thing she anted for him.

He was enlisted into the academy with caution, his where abouts making him a very unpredictable candidate. He did as instructed, seldom speaking throughout most of his academy days. He had a knack for fighting, dispatching his opponent without hesitation. He graduated near the top of his class, his interests landing him in the 11th division. It took a long time before he rose through the ranks, never doing anything to gain attention or cause trouble. His first instance of recognition came when he took a strike from a hollow to save the 3rd seat. From then on he began rising up in the division, eventually becoming lieutenant after almost 250 years. He was given the position of captain after the previous captain succumbed to an illness and passed away. He took over the role of captain with a silent smile, but something about it didn't quite feel right, something missing.

There came a time when he would meet a man who offered him power, a kind of power that would free him from his troubles. He was a bit skeptical about the man, but he was far too intrigued to turn the man down. It wasn't until after the change that he would come to understand why the man came to him in the nights. He attempted to hide his new form, but with each battle and each wound, his gift threatened to expose itself. Before he could find a way out of this pact, he was found out, a blade held to his chest as his lieutenant ordered him to drop his weapon. When had he drawn it in the first place, he had no idea. The woman gave him two choices, run, or die trying.

He was found by the same man who gave him his powers, and with a bit of help they managed to escape to the human realm. From there he was taken to the mans realm of living, shown the ways of his kind by others like him. He was told the name of their race, Vizard. It was something unreal, he had never expected his life to turn into something of this accord. He had resigned himself to the fact that he was something other than his original form, but he didn't exactly feel welcome. He gave it a couple years before speaking with the leader of the kyoshinja, attempting to give a sort of resignation from his fold.

Needless to say, it didn't go exactly as planned. He soon found himself in the hands of the Bount, finding refuge behind their walls. Vai'el was the one who suggested the idea in the first place, setting up the meeting that would allow him to stay with the Bount. He was given orders to report back to Vai'el with the Bounts movements and such things as repayment, and he did so accordingly. Although with the growing hostility with the Quincy and the Bount, he found it more difficult to go back and forth. Soon he found little time at all to even meet with Vai'el about the Bount.

As more time passed, he stopped meeting with Vai'el, giving his full support to the ongoing war with the Quincy. He knew what the consequences might hold, but he was no longer concerned with what happened in those matters. The war raged on, with no end in sight for either side. He would continue to give his loyalty to those who took him in, ignoring any other distractions in the pursuit of an end to the blood bath.


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PostSubject: Re: Lazarus Jeager   Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:33 pm

Approved w/ 4,500 EXP

P.S. All parties involved in the history were consulted and agreed to the given situation with Lazarus.
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Lazarus Jeager

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