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 Lucius Lorendo or, Luci (Finished.)

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Lucius Lorendo

Lucius Lorendo

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Lucius Lorendo or, Luci (Finished.) Empty
PostSubject: Lucius Lorendo or, Luci (Finished.)   Lucius Lorendo or, Luci (Finished.) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 11:54 pm


Name: Lucius Lorendo

Alias: He has many names he goes by, whilst it's known his true name is Lucius, he is called that less then his nicknames. Some of the nicknames he's called, are Luci, Lucifer, among others like Loren and Lorendo. When he's behind the mask, he's known as  Otoko o utsu, or Hit man. It's something he doesn't understand to this day. It's also a secret he never lets anyone know. He once had a sister, who called him, Rakkī, or Lucky. His family used to call him lucky, but, he doesn't feel as though those names could ever fit him, or his job.

Age: 700

Visual Age:  21

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color:  A Crystalline Blue/grey

Affiliation: (Are you a rouge or a member of The Gotei 13) Gotei 13

Division:(Blank if rogue) Division 2

Rank: Rank within the Gotei 13. If rogue;Captain Class, Lieutenant Class, Officer Class) Captain


Appearance: http://media.animevice.com/uploads/0/697/106800-dd60f64c0fc3f4ac177d9bb3aba5e1b5.jpg

Lucius stands at 6'6, which makes him rather tall. He tends to stand in a less imposing manner then most, which is part of his personality. Heck, he often slouches, unless in captain meetings, so it makes it seem like he's 6'4 rather then 6'6. He wears his Haori, rather then the coat seen in the Fc. He hides many things in his Haori, inside his pockets, and inside pockets, which he made himself. As stated in personality, he has a bottle of hard drink in his Haori, but he also has lots of other things. These other things include some wire, a pair of handcuffs for subdueing people, and  paperclips. He has a lot in his Haori, much more then he needs.

That is his Haori, and he often wears loose pants, rather then tight, as he likes to seem as though he's a normal man. Which.. he isn't, but that's a long story. On missions, he tends to wear looser pants, like normal, with two pockets. He keeps his handcuffs in his left pocket, and a needle in the other. He has his Zan in it's sheath, which is on his back during missions, on his waist during normal times.

I've not told you... specifics about how he looks looks. While he is 6'6, he has black hair that goes down to his neck, as well as somewhat pale skin, although it usually has some color to it. There's his eye patch, which is pure black, and covers his left eye. It just blocks his vision in that eye, since that eye doesn't work very well. Concerning his eyes, he has green eye, with a scar over his left eye, which is an X. He tends to hide the scar, as it reminds him of the battle that he had with a certain man a long time ago. A memory he likes suppressing.

He also, when he wants to, looks like a man with honor and pride, but it's rarer with him then with others. There's also the fact that his shoulders are wide, and his whole stature is rather... musculey.  The most rare part is if he stands up straight when he's just standing with people. It's often rare enough that people think he's 6'4 rather then 6'6

Personality: Lucius follows a code of honor, that he made up on his own.

He will never stride from the SS, and never raise his blade in hate(Gotten after becoming captain.)

He will never use his poison to play mindgames unless needed(Also gotten after captain.)

Never kill someone unless needed/contracted to

When killing someone, make it as painless as possible, unless told be contractor not to(The contractor part is dropped upon captaincy.)

Never use another's blade unless needed

Never go easy on an opponent who isn't going easy themselves.

Never commit suicide, Even in dire situations

That is the part of his code he uses to this day. It gets parts, and drops parts, but never does it stray from certain ones. Even after this code, he's often a soft-spoken man, who, while he likes fights, he doesn't actively partake in them, if the other party isn't consenting. Unless it's part of the mission... then it's kind of different.  He also tends to drink when not on mission, as to take the remorse he gets from his... job as an assassin. It's often seen in the pocket of his Haori, a bottle of strong alcohol.

However, There is a part of him, that rarely gets out. It's rare, as he never gets angry, or attempts not to. It's one that loves pain, inflicted upon himself to others. The eye you can see often grows smaller, the pupil does. He often smiles, an almost sadistic smile. He often acts unpredictable in this way. Like, If he feels it during this... when this part of him feels it, he might just walk up to someone and make a attack for the other persons life.

Although, beyond his tough looks, He tends to try and help anyone he can. If it's his Lt, so be it. If it's 7ths squad lt? So be it. He doesn't care who it is he helps, if he feels it right, he shall help a person. Even if it's an Arrancar, he'll help him.  This is the part that he tends to try to show. His past would say this part of him doesn't exist, yet it stays alive. It's the part of him, that can never die. Even if you attempt to kill him, he'll let it go, and help you when you need it.

Then there's him around his LT. He cares about his LT and his LTs life, more then his own. If it ever came to it, where it was his Lt or him, he'd sacrifice himself. He's selfless when it comes to his LT. Although, he also tends to care for his LT, as though his Lt is something more then just an LT, as though family. Even if, His Lt doesn't care about him the same way, it's a part that you can't change.

Then, Then there's him when he's drunk. He's... different, if that's the word you could say. He has 0 capabilities of stealth when drunk, but he can still fight, O HO HO, he can still fight. He tends to use his fists more then his blade in this state, but that doesn't stop him from being random, oh no. He's as random as you get. Although, he isn't the smartest fighter. He tends to go for moves that he was taught in the starter Hakudo class not to go for, although he does them at high speeds, as he doesn't hold back.

Then there's him when he's in battle, that he knows he can't win without getting serious. When like this, he often attempts more deceive strikes, rather then attacking fast, or even attempting to ware them down via poison.  He also  tends to go all out in this... mood? If you can call it that. There's also something that factors into getting this mood. If you hurt someone like his LT, whom he thinks of like family, he'll easily go into this mode, as a way to kill you fast. Although, This mood is rare, and there are only 2 other times he has went into the mood.

Yet... we haven't addressed him when he's alone, and not drunk. When he is alone and not drunk, he actually likes to read, if he has a book he can read.   One of his favorites, from the human world, is a book called, The Glass Wall. (It's fake. Unless it isn't, but the one he likes is fake) He takes things away from the story, and has read it over quite a few times. It's where he got one line of his code from. The book itself however, is about a boy. A boy who managed to go past all the walls. To become a fighter, to become a man. It has gotten him through some times, most defiantly.

Now, There's all that, but then there's him with children. He tends to laugh, and play with the children, rather then be worried at all. He often lets go off all cares and worries whilst with children, and it's one of the very few times that he ever, ever, shows a fun side of him. Since, he is a captain, he tends to have worries, but not when he's with children, he lets it go, partly for him, partly for them.


History: He landed in this world, and around when he was 20, he meet a girl. Her name was Kayla. When they met, it was rather late, and she was about his age. They would go and hide in an alley together, and attempt to stay alive. It was a daily thing as well. They go out, eat and stuff, he'd train with a man in an attempt to get stronger, to defend who he thought of as his sister. He wasn't very good when a certain fight happened. It was when they were both about 50, and he wasn't very good compared to many. He didn't know the mans name, or anything. Yet, The fight started when he arrived back to their alley, and he saw the mans hand raised against his sister.

"Hey!" Luci would yell, "Stop it! That's my sister!" Luci would run towards the man. What Luci didn't see, is the man had a knife.

"Rakkī! NO!" She would yell, as the man would turn, knife raised. Luci would still run, with only saving his sister on his mind. It's the only thing he'd have in his mind till the fight was over. He refused to live without his sister. He'd duck under the knife as it was swong at him, and punch the man, although the punch did nothing.

"Don't hurt my sister you son of a bitch." Luci would say, punching the man in the face, and then pushing him back. "Sis. Get back. Get back right now." Kayla listened and ran out of the alley, and went for help. It was up to Luci to fight and survive till she got back with some help. The man would attempt to stab him, right after that, and he would jump back, and then jump up, kicking the man in the face. He had went through a fight in the alley in his mind multiple times, the only reason he wasn't dead yet.

The fight went on about 30 minutes, mostly Luci dodging and such, he really couldn't hurt the guy without a weapon. His sister came back with a Shinigami, and the Shinigami flashstepped past both, and grabbed the man, and put him under Bakudo. The Shinigami then took the man away, and Luci fell forward, exhausted.

Kayla would run up and roll him around onto his back, "Rakkī? Rakkī?" Kayla would shake him, but he was out cold. She'd lay down next to him, and fall asleep, waiting for him to wake up. About 6 hours later, he would awake, and his awakening, would wake her up, and she'd exclaim in happiness.

"I thought you were dead." She'd say.

"I wasn't, do not worry. It takes a bit more then some fighting to kill me." He laughed, smiling, then lifted up his shirt revealing a big bruise. "Right. He did hit me." Then the pain came back, "And.... fuck that hurts." He'd hold his side, but keep on his smile, "Don't worry about me, I'll live."  Kayla didn't quite believe him, but she dismissed it. It's not like he hadn't come back with bruises before. He often came back with bruises across his back from attempting to learn how to fight. It annoyed her that he wouldn't tell her where he went, but she figured it was for the best.

Skip ahead 20 years, by which time he had become a better fighter, just skillful enough to maybe join the Academy.  This conversation ensued between the two, Kayla and him.

"Are you sure..." Kayla would ask him.

"Yes, Yes I am." Lucius wold say.

"Rakkī, I will come with you." She said, "I will join as well."

"A-Are you sure." He said, questioning it. She smiled, and created a ball of energy in her hand, "I can use kido, I've learned how in the last 10-20 years." This surprised him, more then it should have, and he got up. "I guess it's time to go then." She nodded in agreement, and they ran towards the academy together.

They would take the exam, and pass. (Since I don't really know what the entrance exam entails, ya know?) She would be training in a different place for them, as they both had different strengths. He trained his Zanjutsu, HSM, and Hakudo, while she trained her Kido and Hakudo along with her speed as well. During those years, he had fun and such, and kept his attitude of being nice, and helping people. Nothing much happened during his time at the academy, and he got his Zanpaktou at the end of it.

Skip to when he's around 150. Which is a long time, and he's in second squad, and has his Zanpaktou. He knew it's name, and had Shikai. He never showed it to people at this point, since wearing 2 sheaths for two blades is weird enough. This is the point of which he heard of rumors about some secret missions sent out by Shinigami, Assassinations. Of course, he was interested, so he listened in for a few days. He learned what they were, and how they often went down.

Skip to another year ahead, he's 151, and he takes his first assassination mission. He took off his Kimono, and fixed his blades so that they were sheathed on his back. He also had found the mask he wears to this day, and put it on. The mission was to go into a bar, which was rather hidden, and take out one of the people, simple as that. This was a normal mission for Assassins to have. He didn't have his code of morals quite yet, that would come later in life. The mission was a success, and most of the missions like such were. He knew where to hide the bodies and such.

Skip to when he's 300. He's quite skilled at using his blade, and is fast ,and can punch hard. This is the time when he got that scar. He got his mission and everything, and it was all to plan, the one he was to kill was no one special. He wasn't warned that the Shinigami was skilled at wielding his weapon.

Fast forward to when he stood in front of the man he was to kill. It was a man who stood at about 6'2, and who had 1 blade. The man stood as though to intimidate, which didn't work on Lucius. The man knew that Lucius was here to kill him, Rumor had spread about the killer with the mask.

"So... you are here to kill me aren't you?" The man asked, but Lucius stood there, silent. "Come on, you can tell me. We are alone, and will have to battle it out." Lucius' hands went to both of his hilts and drew them. "You want to play it that way? Fine." The man drew his one blade. They had a stare off, neither getting scared of the other. Then Lucius went for the first move, slicing down with both blades, which got blocked by the man, who just raised his blade to block both. Then the man push Lucius back, and slashed at Luci, who would block it.  This is a challenge he hadn't anticapated.

"Look. How about this, We settle this in hand to hand combat. This way, neither of us have an advantage." The man would say, sheathing his blade. Lucius would honor this man, by sheathing both of his blades. "At least talk. It's not like both of us is leaving."

"Fine. I shall tell you my name, My name is Lucius Lorendo." Lucius would say.

"Lucius... Lorendo. I've heard your name before." The man would say. "Yes... A women named Kayla mentioned you. Do you know a Kayla?" The man would ask.

"Y-Yes. What's it to you?" Luci would ask.

"Well. I'm her friend. Not a close friend, but if I leave this battle alive, I'd have to tell her what you were, and tell her that you're dead. So, I guess it's a lose-lose for both of us. So there's no reason for either of us to hold back." The man would say, Luci would just nod.

Then, The fist fight started. It started with Luci punching the man, and then the man punching back. It kind of went like this, with Lucius mostly attacking, and the man defending, of course, until the man drew his blade, and managed to cut Lucius' eye twice, in an X. Lucius held his eye, and glared at the man, he was already losing his vision. He just closed his eye and said, "I guess. I guess I gotta go Shikai."

He would then draw both of his blades, and go into shikai, and at first, the apperance didn't change much, it looked the same, until it fully transformed. (both look like Ivys Blade.) Then he smiled, a nearly sadistic smile. The pain suddenly felt good. Luci would just laugh, and laugh.

"What the hell? I just cut your eye, and you're laughing?" The man said. The man had cut through the mask to do this. Lucius took off the mask. He then slashed at the man, and the man attempted to block, but Lucis blades wrapped around his. "WHAT THE HELL?" The man would yell, as Luci would yank the blade out of the mans hand, and it would fly across the room. He would then swing it again, the needles flying towards the man, hitting the man, and then he would wait. He would dodge the mans slices, and soon, the man collapsed. "W-Why am I numb?"

"Because, It's my weapons ability. The needles that hit you injected a poison into you, and now I can kill you." Lucius said, putting his blades back into sealed form, and stabbing the man in the heart, through his back. He would then give the body to the man who he always did, and that man would dispose of the body. He didn't know where the bodys went and such. He didn't care. He would arrive at the barracks, in a ton of pain. He would manage to stop the bleeding, and then would fashion an Eye-Patch, the one he wears today, and put it over his eye. This is also where he developed his code. Rather late in life, but it wasn't too late.

Skip to when he's about 450~ and he had decided to become the Lt. People became accustomed to his eye patch, and didn't question why he wore it. He would challenge the current Lt to a stealth match, a simple one. The one who could go through all the barracks in the least amount of time without getting caught would win. They would start at the first, and then go through the others all in order. It was his turn first. The 1st squads barrack was easy, the second squads was harder, yet he managed it in good time. He went through all the others, and total time was 30~ minutes. The LT took 36 minutes. 6 or so minutes longer, which meant, He was the new Lt. He got Bankai within this time, he had been training for it for a long while. He achived it during the period of time between 450 and 500.

And then, when he reached 500, he took the captains exam. The captain that was his, was getting tired of being squad 2s captain, therefore they needed a replacement. He got the approval of the captains, and then took over as captain of squad 2. (I haven't the brightest of what happens in the Exam, or else I'd put it.) This meant he would have to care just a bit more. It also meant he got his Haori, which he stored his drinks and other things in. He also repaired the eye patch that he had.

Then, the Blue Moon War came. He was told to kill the Septima Espada. He planned on doing so, and figured it'd be the hardest fight he had done yet. He was sent to Hueco Mundo. The Septima was in the desert that was Hueco Mundo. He found the Septima, and the Septima turned to face him. He looked the Arrancar in the eyes, as did the Arrancar to him. Both just stood.

"I am the Septima Espada, Kylaku." The Arrancar would say.

"I am Squad 2s captain, Lucius Lorendo." Luci would say.

The two would nod, and bow in respect for each other.

"I assume you know why I'm here." Luci would say.

"Yes. I do. You're here to kill me. It's takes a blind man to not realize that." Kylaku would say, sighing. "I wish it didn't have to come to this. I truly do, but, only one of will leave this place alive." Luci merely nodded at this, and got into his fighting stance. The two would charge each other, matching each other punch for punch. He wasn't surpirsed at this, and then the Arrancar landed a punch to Lucius' face, which knocked Lucius back. He felt his nose, it was broken. It sure as hell hurt.

He would charge at the Arrancar, and punch the Arrancar in the face, landing the blow with his right hand.

"This would go faster with our blades, would it not?" Luci would say, smiling.

"It would. Let us draw our blades and battle some more. This is the most fun I've had in a long time." Kylaku would say, and then would draw his blade. Luci would draw both blades, and start the battle by flashstepping forward, and then swinging down, which would get blocked again. They would sword battle for a long while, about 30~ minutes. Both were getting tired. Then Kylaku released his blade, and his blade enveloped his body, and became a full suit of armor, whilst still retaining a blade. The meant it was near impossible to land a needle upon the Arrancars skin, except for right above the Visor of the armor, where the nose and stuff is.

Luci would sigh, and go into Shikai, refusing to go Bankai, even though he had it. He didn't dare show his Bankai to anyone, he didn't want people to see it. He was at a disadvantage cause of this, but this isn't anything that he worried about at the time. He was defending his family, his squad by killing this Arrancar. He refused to lose for this reason. He also did it for Kayla. Kayla, his sister he hadn't seen in so long. The sister that had made him become a Shinigami in the first place. A tear ran down his face. He took off his Haori, he sighed. This was the end of the road if he didn't win.

He would jump forward, and bring both blades down onto the Arrancar, who wouldn't feel a thing as the blades wrapped around the Arrancars shoulders. He would then flash step-slide under the Arrancar, attempting to flip the Arrancar over. The Arrancar would grab Lucis blades, and throw him up, and then smash him down. He went up about 50 feet before getting smashed down. This hurt him like hell. He got up, and smiled a almost sadistic smile. The part he tired to hide... tried to keep down came up again. He laughed, and laughed once again, and sheathed his blades. He would flashstep forward, and punch the Arrancar in the chest, right into the armor, which would send the Arrancar skidding back a bit.

The Arrancar was taken off guard by this reckless tactic, but stood his ground none the less. He would then attempt to do it again, and would get a slash across the chest, it wasn't deep, but it was enough to make him laugh louder then before, and pull out his blades and just start slashing like crazy in every direction. The Arrancar was blocking most of them, but those that he didn't block, didn't affect him much. It could have, and most likely should have been the end of him. Yet... he had 1 last tactic. A tactic that he didn't think he'd have to use. He would flash step up, and then as his opponent did, he would slash his opponent. He did this 4 more times, until the shoulder plate was loosening. He took the chance, and kicked it off. He then went Shikai. This was his last chance. If he didn't hit this time, it was over.

He would swing and swing with his Zan, with both blades, and the Arrancar would dodge the needles, then with that distraction, he would hit the shoulder with his Zan, and breathe heavily. He would barely manage to dodge the next few hits, and would get punched in the face, and get sent flying. Right as the Arrancar was about to finish him, The Arrancar collapsed. Lucius got up slowly, as hurt as he was, and returned both of his blades to Sealed. He would then stab the Arrancar through the neck, and collapse on his back, feeling ready to die. He would then remember people who were waiting for him, and would get back up, and make his way back to the SS. He would collapse at the gates, and would get dragged to the Squad 4 barracks, and that's when he'd break the news.

"The Septima Espada is dead. I took him out, although he almost took me out with how reckless I was." He'd just smile, and pass out as the people sent out the news and he got healed, although he passed out quite a while, he returned to his Barracks and rested there for awhile as well. He would rest for awhile, considering the beating he took. Then he would stay on the low, as to avoid the war. The war ended when he was asleep, and he still stands today as the Captain of squad 2

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Granted. 4,500.
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Lucius Lorendo or, Luci (Finished.)

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