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 Arius Pelagios [FIN]

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PostSubject: Arius Pelagios [FIN]   Arius Pelagios [FIN] Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 8:28 pm


Name: Arius Pelagios (if you put the name meanings together: Immortal of the Sea) [pronounced: are-re-us

Alias: Ares

Age: 394 yrs

Visual Age: 22 yrs


Reiatsu Color: Navy Blue

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 10

Rank: Lieutenant Class


Appearance: Arius wears the traditional black Shihakusho with the Vice-Captain badge on his left forearm, with his Zanpakuto strapped to his waist. His somewhat-messy hair is a strawberry-blond color and his eyes are steel-gray covered by steel-rimmed glasses. His skin is a touch beyond pale, signifying that he stays indoors a lot, but also still sees enough sunshine that its not unhealthy.

Personality: A somewhat standoffish person, Arius isn't one for socializing unless pushed into it, and by that point he is too lazy to leave and so just talks with those around him. As a Vice-Captain he has to stay on top of things, from paperwork to helping the Captain keep the division in check, so he can come off a bit strong when giving/relaying instructions. Despite all that, he enjoys a good joke, makes a point to say hi to every Shinigami he meets and can talk for hours on the subject of Zanpakutos, as learning about them is somewhat of a hobby of his.


History: As all Shinigami, Arius remembers nothing of his life before his arrival in the Soul Society. His early years were spent scrounging for food, as children aren't often looked upon fondly in Rukongai, especially in District 69, but after a few years of this, was found by a Shinigami from the 10th Division and was taken to the Shinigami Academy, where he trained for several years, working to get his Zanpakuto.

It was well into the second year that he acquired his Soul Cutter, which he never let leave his side after, keeping it either at his side while awake or in his hands when sleeping. Also around this time he was given the nickname "Ares" as some found his name too difficult to pronounce, no matter how many times he corrected them. He laughed it off and took it with good humor, and from then on the name stuck. He took his time in his lessons, not desiring to have the label "genius" applied to him, whether appropriate or not, as he wasn't one for unnecessary attention.

When he finished at the Academy, he was accepted into the 10th Division as a 5th Seated officer, working for the next decade on getting acclimatized to the job and then the next century on doing it well. As a result, he progressed to 3rd Seat and stayed there for all the way through the end of the Blue Moon War.

It was also during the first half of the century with the 10th Division that he unlocked Shikai, having been training in his free time toward that goal, along with increasing his speed and skill with Kido.

With the conflict raging, Arius had to pick up a lot of slack from the Lieutenant as during the fighting the Captain was killed and Azrial had to take on the former Captain's duties and recover from the slaughter that took their much-loved Captain from them as well as many of their comrades. Later on, the call was raised for more Shinigami to join the fray, and so Arius lived up to his nickname, using his high skills in Zanjutsu to fight any Arrancar foolish enough to come in range. When the 6th Squad Captain was battling the two Espada Arius was helping another Lieutenant and some Seated Officers keep any Arrancar forces from interfering.

6 months after the war, Azrial Takahashi was promoted to Squad 10 Captain, the Vice-Captain post was vacated, and as the next-highest rank, he was promoted also. It had taken all Arius had not to fall apart, but the need to remain strong for his fellows kept him going, and eventually he was able to let go. His grieving done, he was able to move on with the knowledge that Ciel would remain in his heart as he moved forward.
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Arius Pelagios [FIN]

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