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 [FIN] Kazou Ai Minoru

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Kazou Ai Minoru

Kazou Ai Minoru

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PostSubject: [FIN] Kazou Ai Minoru   [FIN] Kazou Ai Minoru Icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 6:05 pm


Name: Kazou Ai Minoru

Alias: Ai, Blue

Age: 643

Visual Age: 17ish - 19ish

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: A mix of both indigo and powder blue.

Affiliation: The Gotei 13

Division: Division 8

Rank: Captain Class



Kazou's appearance takes on a normal figure of that of a male teenager. Reaching heights of five foot six inches he falls lower then what his target weight should be which is one hundred and fourty-eight pounds he himself weighs around one hundred and eighteen pounds which in a way gives him a overall fragile and sickly appearance over all.  

Looking like a teenager his skin is flawless not on blemish on it the only blemish is a scar that is tucked into his left eyebrow making it hard to see the scar.  The skin color itself is almost alabaster except around the cheeks where you see slightly rosy cheeks making him almost look he is consistently blushing.  Except for his cheeks the color in his face is very much drained even his lips looks pale and almost colorless.

Kazou's hair is very blue almost coming off the color of the sky.  This hair normally falls down past his shoulders but he usually pulls his hair back into a pony tail on his left side.  This is to keep hair from falling right into his eyes do to its normally messy appearances.  But when he does this he mainly pulls back only the left side of his hair leaving his to cascade down on the right side covering most of his right eye.  The reason for this is because the right eye is mostly blind but his left eye is completely fine.  Depending on the day he will sport a simple pair of glasses.

Kazou's eyes are blue to most people the look to be the same color but that is not true if you get close enough and look at them.  Yes they both are blue but of different shades you can only see this if you are close enough otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell.  The coloring is so small you couldn't tell from a distance.  His right eye is a duller blue then the left and its rather clouded as well.  On the other side on the left its a bright and brilliant blue.  When in the right light his eyes change from a blue color to a greenish teal.


Kazou's kimono is pretty much basic to the very day Shihakushō except a slight edit the upper tier of the kimono and a small edit in the lower kimono. The top is form fitted to his chest. The bottom has small cut out exposing the sides of his legs down to a inch above the knee. He also details his look with a pure white scarf wrapped around his neck.


Kazou is rather disciplined compared to those who look at him and see a child holding a blade.  He personally disciplined himself due to his poor eyesight to be able to act without faulting.  Though many think he is being stupid and to relax he can't he always stays alert making sure to take in what surroundings he is around the fact of the teasing from other shinigamis completely make him annoyed.

He he is rather strong willed and exercises everyday with his sword even to the point of complete exhaustion.  Always trying to fine his new limits and trying to excel his old ones.  Making himself a total workaholic in its own sense.

Uncommunicative he rarely speaks to other shinigamis whether they are in his squad or in another he always flatters when he is asked a questions.  He always as to overly think of what to say to make sure he doesn't sound either rude or weak.  He never shares to others that he is mostly blind in his right eye.  He doesn't wish for others pity or think of others maybe taking it as a crunch.

He may not speak much but his squad respects him to Kazou this kinda amazes him he is thankful and curious as to why that is.  The fact that they respect him always makes him smile just slightly but at the same time very self conscious he doesn't want to lose the respect of his squad so again he second guesses on what to do.

Social environment is not his strong suit when there is a gathering of more then ten people around he starts to freeze up and the little color in his skin drains even more.  When it comes to addressing his squad he usually puts together a speech and hands it over to one of his squad members to read out it loud to the rest of the squad.

He is also rather technically obsessive making him make sure that everyone and everything has a place and what to do he dislikes chaos he believes chaos both brings both disorganization and if not done right possible damage to those in the chaos and the last thing is a accident happening and hurting one of his squad members.

His anger rarely over comes him he has a rather long fuse and anything that comes off annoying him he shakes off in rather long practices and training with himself.  Only a small things annoy him that is both pure chaos, disorganization and Squad 12 due to old history he doesn't care much about them.

What makes him happy are again small things like a glass of tea, reports due on time and simply organization.  These things easily put a smile on his face.

SIDENOTE: Kazou Ai Minoru is gay.



Kazou was reborn in the Soul Society exactly six hundred and thirty-four years ago in district three of Rukongai but this time of his life was mainly a blur he couldn't remember how exactly he lived like in this district all he remember was he and his made up lived here but quickly moved later to district one.  Here he remembered he lived quite some time until one a couple for the soul society came to visit.  He was real young at the time when he met the couple the couple was taken aback by him and so they visited Kazou's family asking if they could adopt him stating he was gonna go to a good family.  Kazou's family reluctantly agreed to give him over to the shinigami couple.

That day he left his family and mostly all the memories he had of them.  He was happy and yet at the shame time sad.  Even back then he was rather none experssive.  When he got to the house of the couple he was meted by a quite older gentleman and gentlewoman.  He came later to find out that they were both the mother and father of the young man of the couple.  

The older couple was surprised at meeting the young Kazou though slightly surprised and confused they were overjoyed with happiness.  Though he knew he wasn't related he later accepted them as his grandparents.  The young couple worked a lot so he was home a lot with his grandparents then both his grandparents taught him a lot.  His grandfather was ex-captain in the soul society so he started to teach him the ways of the shinigami wanting to be like his adopted mother and father he happily learned the ways of the shinigami.  His grandmother taught him the ways to properly prepare and make tea.  As well as being able to preform the correct way to preform a tea ceremony.  

When he was old enough he enlisted to the academy but thanks to his adopted grandfather he quickly excelled an quickly landed in the upper tier in the academy.  Within a year he was scouted to join squad twelve.  He happily joined squad twelve there he worked hard assisting in the lab this had made his adopted family very happy.  

The war then broke out between the arrancars and shinigami only a few years after he joined squad twelve.  During the war there was a rushing around in the lab in attempts to help the shinigami fight the arrancars.  The rush in the lab caused a accident where a beaker of hot liquids exploded the contents hit Kazou right in the face causing major damage to the right side of his face hitting his right eye as shards of glass embedded into his face.  He was rushed quickly to squad four he went under treatment on his eye the treatment spanned over the war and then some after the war.  When he was finally released he had untold damage in his right eye making him almost blind in it and the only of the remnant of that day was a scar formed right under his left eyebrow.  He was unaware of what happened during the war until he was out of the hospital during the time he was in there he noticed alot of people coming in and out of it.  But he couldn't recognize who they were.  He hoped and prayed neither his foster parents never had to come to the hospital.

When he came home finally he was greeted by his grandmother with teary eyes.  She explained to him that both his father and mother died during the war though she was sad she was proud of both them.  Saying it was a hard war and that a lot of people had died.  He hugged her whole heartily trying to comfort her then he asked what had happened to grandpa.

At this point his grandmother busted into crazed tears.  She explained when she and he got the news of Kazou's parents death grandfather took it very hard the depression set in rather hard to the point he took his own life.  At this time Kazou himself cried but the extensive damage to right eye made it hard for it cry so tears only came flowing out of his left.

After all of the news had settled he know he had to go back to work and with his eye the way it was he knew working at squad twelve wasn't much of a option so he decided to take after his parents and applied to squad eight.  Due to his origination skills and hard work he quickly ranked up to office position in squad eight.  But the squad was still lacking a captain and the wasn't many applying currently for the position.  He decided maybe he should try working hard to maybe get the position.  That way he could honor both his parents as well as his grandfather.  Working in the same squad his parents were in and being a Captain just like his grandfather.

He worked and worked non-stop till he was where he thought he was at a good level and applied to become the squad captain he showed both how organized and hard working he was and the discipline he had, he was easy voted into the captain position.  Currently now he is the captain with only having hold of the title for all of two months but the squad was happy and respected him for becoming the captain of the squad.
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[FIN] Kazou Ai Minoru

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