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PostSubject: Zanmato   Zanmato Icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 2:34 am


Name: Zanmato

Alias: Eternal Praetorian | X | Lord of Blood

Age: 2114

Visual Age: Early Twenties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Smoky Grey w/Silver Ribbons

Affiliation: The Shataiki

Rank: Blood Lord of the Bounts



Zanmato's frame is best described as being lithe, as his body is not overly muscular but is instead built with a runner's or swimmer's build.  He is relatively tall and his musculature is toned rather than being exceedingly buff.  His skin is roughly the color of milk chocolate, though perhaps it can be described as being a few shades lighter.  Either way, it contrasts brilliantly with the color of his hair and eyes.  The color of Zanmato's hair is a silvery-white.  It is generally kept unkempt, but never so much so that it could be considered to be without the ability to be presentable.  Similarly to his hair, Zanmato's eyes are grey, though they are a shade of grey so incredibly light that they actually appear to be lilac instead, particularly under the effects of light.  The Blood Lord is perpetually clean shaven, having no trace of a mustache nor of a beard and a relatively low amount of body hair.  

For clothing, Zanmato typically dresses to the human eye as any other human would dress according to the occasion.  Favoring darker colors, he typically chooses to wear black as the major coloration of his outfits.  For situations that are neither highly casual or highly formal, Zanmato typically adopts semi-formal attire or at least clothing that makes him stand out as a regal figure.  To this end, all of his clothing is tailored to his specific build and everything is maintained to a degree that borders on military specifications.  Silver is Zanmato's main accessory color of choice, and he is always seen to be wearing it in some form, whether in the shape of a watch or a ring, silver will be on his person at all times.  His black clothing typically makes this silver fascination stand out, especially the silver cross that Zan wears perpetually around his neck.  

Finally, there are three items that Zanmato has collected over the centuries that he will sometimes wear on his person, from the three major factions that he has come across.  One is the white haori of a Shinigami Captain that he defeated sometime after becoming Blood Lord.  This sleeveless haori is worn as any Shinigami would wear it, though instead of being worn over a uniform is simply worn over casual clothing.  Being of a spiritual nature, it is invisible to those who cannot see spiritual beings or items.  The second item is a Hollow's mask that Zanmato ripped off in the process of killing one of the creatures.  This mask has pair of lines that run from each corner to form an X that meets in the center and is worn as an actual mask or on the arm as a trophy and shield.  The final item is a Quincy Cross, taken from the first Quincy that Zanmato ever killed and worn around one of his arms or on his neck as he pleases.  The cross is shaped like a crucifix and is silver in coloration.  


What does one think about when they hear the title 'Blood Lord of the Bounts?'  What characteristics do they attribute to the man who leads a legion of soul devouring immortals?  They might assume him to be arrogant, tyrannical, thirsty for the blood of others, and perhaps highly ambitious.  What they might be surprised to learn is that Zanmato does not particularly carry any of those traits in high amounts.  

Firstly, he is a calm individual, holding a preference for speech and negotiation rather than combat.  Though not arrogant, he holds himself with his calm regardless of the direness of the situation that he is in.  As the leader of the Bounts, he knows that he must serve as an inspiration for his race and as such knows that he cannot allow them to see him falter.  Thus he presents himself as being indifferent, though this indifference does not consume him such that he does not notice negative events occurring around him.  

Secondly, Zanmato does not rule the Bount with a heavy hand nor an iron fist.  He does hold himself to be 'holier than thou' and prefers to be seen with others of his kind rather than shut off away from them eternally standing vigil in Castle Avalonia.  Further, he holds himself to be more of a necessary 'first among equals' rather than a 'Lord' of any kind, knowing full well that the weight of his decision affects all of the Bounts and also knowing that without the support of the masses he could be no Blood Lord.  Thirdly, he is no by no stretch of the imagination an aggressive individual, and is certainly not bloodthirsty.  He views his necessary consumption of souls as something necessary for survival instead of something to be necessarily 'enjoyed,' which is also why he typically devours the souls of criminals and those of Hollows unless out of self defense or vengeance and righteous fury.  This 'necessary consumption' view is a large part of why he seeks the 'Lord's Soul,' as something such as that would negate the need for feeding on the souls of sentient beings.  

Finally, though it would be a lie to say that Zanmato possesses no ambition, to say that his ambition is what drives him would be a falsehood.  He spent much of his life in the position of a follower to another, rising to positions of leadership out of necessity rather than out of desire to command and relinquishing them when the time came to do so.  Along this same line of thought, Zanmato became Blood Lord of the Bounts not because he simply desired the title, but because he truly believed that the previous one was himself a threat to the continued existence of the Bounts as a race due to his aggression and tyrannical rule.  Overall, Zanmato could be described as being truly neutral on the scales of morality, willing to do whatever it takes to secure the future of the Bounts, but not necessarily willing to enjoy what must be done when the means become questionable and redeemable only through their ends.



General Overview:

Doll Relationship:

Shinigami/Hollow Relations:

Bount Relations:

Zanmato's Consumption Habits:

Praetorian Clarification:
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