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 Solis Idasson [Finished]

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PostSubject: Solis Idasson [Finished]   Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:08 pm


Name: Solis Idasson

Alias: The Minotaur

Age: 1,200

Visual Age: ~100

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Black with a golden outline, pure black when masked.

Ex-Division: Former 13th Division Captain

Affiliation:Rogue living in Hueco Mundo

Rank: Captain Class


Appearance: Solis is often recognized by his trademark black armor. A massive black great helm shaped like a bull’s head covers his face, sharpened golden horns jut out of the right and left sides of it and glowering golden eyes peer through the helm’s slit with a silent calm. The rest of his body is covered by black steel plate mail; the neck, pauldrons, gauntlets, faulds, and boots of the armor are all gold-trimmed. This suit of armor was created by Solis to facilitate his escape from Soul Society.

Beneath the fear imposing armor lies a frail, balding old man, his blonde wispy hair always seems to be seconds away from being blown right off his head. When he was younger his tan was attractive, but it has faded and now his skin is comparable to a white leather, pale, tough, and unyielding. His face is lined and wrinkled, his lips are constantly chapped, and their dull red cracks show the color of Solis’ blood. He is about six feet tall and two hundred pounds. His body is surprisingly strong, lean musculature in his arms and legs show a man who once took great care to exercise and lift weights. He is draped in his shinigami haori beneath the suit of armor, signifying him as an ex-captain of the Gotei 13.

Personality: Solis is a gaping pit of apathy, a mind once dedicated to scientific discovery and invention now cares for nothing. His personal goals involve playing a hand in the eventual destruction of the Gotei 13, something that he now feels is but moments away, despite the shinigami’s victory against the arrancar. At this point in time, Solis exists to continue to gain power and watch the Seireitei crumble to pieces.

In battle, Solis shows little other than boredom until he is forced to release. Until a section of his armor is destroyed, Solis fights in the sealed form as a way to both challenge himself and his enemy. Solis places these artificial restraints on himself in order to feel the joy that so many others seem to find in bloodshed. Unless he’s settling a feud or killing a shinigami, Solis is unlikely to find joy in battle. Solis breaks his rules about releasing if his hollow mask has been worn to its full extent in the past day. The strength of Solis’ inner hollow is such that regular usage of his mask may lead to the further eroding of his shinigami powers and the eventual loss of them. While Solis has lost a lot of who he used to be, there is still a part of him that refuses to completely sever his link to the shinigami. This is both out of highly unusual sentimentality and the realization that his greatest opportunity for more power lies in completely bridging the gap between shinigami and hollow.

When standing among those he considers less than him, Solis is cold and slow to give commendation. When he does seem to be congratulatory, his words drip sarcasm and a smirk born of pure superiority can be seen even through his armor.  Solis remains a self-obsessed man who can’t see the point in an organization unless that organization serves his own purposes. He lacks any morals or principles; all he cares for is his own research. When he was in the Gotei 13, he was fine with being “good” as long as that didn’t impede his goals. Now in Hueco Mundo, he seeks the arrancar in the hopes of being allowed to continue his research with fresh test subjects.

With those he calls equals, Solis is polite and cordial. This isn’t out of any real kindness; he just realizes that remaining genial will keep him safe from harm and from having his experiments questioned. Among his betters, Solis is… well, who knows really? Solis has never been willing to look upon another and refer to him or her as his superior. Even when he just started out in the Gotei 13, he felt his gift for sheer intelligence as well as tactical prowess outstripped those “captains” who were allowed to command him. Whether he is truly the mastermind he believes he is or just slightly above average remains to be seen.

History: Solis doesn’t remember much of his time as a child in Rukongai because he didn’t spend much time there. Around ten years old, he was sent to the Shinigami Academy, which was fine by him. Rukongai was a place of dirt and grime, a parade of the unwashed and disheveled stomping through and continuing to spread more and more dirt and grime, a recursive paradise for the scum that dwelled in those parts. But Solis was sent to the academy young because he couldn’t control his reiatsu. He caused fearful and sad feelings in those he spent a lot of time around, and due to that, Solis never really had any friends. It was just as well, for Solis wouldn’t seek friendship in those too weak to overcome his power anyway.

The Shinigami Academy was no better than Rukongai though. There, the stinking sheep wore uniforms and thought themselves special for it. As a young “prodigy”, Solis was thought to be of advanced intelligence and in need of an accelerated path through the academy. But because of his small size, Solis could not excel in zanjutsu, hakuda, or hoho, but kido was where he absolutely dominated. He researched into kido and reiatsu theory and eventually created one-time use guns that would fire whatever kido they were imbued with as long as the user could concentrate his reiatsu into it.

After three years of trudging through zanjutsu and hakuda classes (around two years in, he managed to increase his hoho skills), Solis had his growth spurt. Suddenly, the sword didn’t feel so heavy in his hands and he wasn’t so easily overpowered or disarmed. He could block hand-to-hand strikes easily without feeling like his arms were going to break. Most importantly to him though, Solis found that he was handsome. Blonde hair flowed to his shoulders, big blues eyes, a nice smile and a perfectly sculpted chin added up to a teenager who didn’t look too bad. He found that if he smiled the right way or blinked at the right moment, he could get his way when it came to most things. So, he listened to his true feelings, the hatred of the drooling, unskilled sycophants who cluttered his classes, and he ignored them. He found happiness in using his charm to get what he wanted. And after finding his strength in the areas where he was failing, Solis graduated two years early and became 1st Division’s 20th seat.

As you can guess, 20th seats really don’t hold much power. It’s a nice title to have, but there were still nineteen people between Solis and true strength. He discovered his shikai within his first year in the Gotei 13 and slowly made his way through the ranks. By the time 1st Division’s 3rd seat kneeled to him and admitted defeat, 100 years had gone by. Solis would’ve gotten to that position earlier, but he spent a lot of time both training and inventing. He made suits that could make the wearer’s reiatsu untraceable, guns that would shoot a kido at the speed of a bala, and poisons that were fused with kido. But Solis’ greatest discovery was finding out about the research of another, the Book. In hidden books in hidden places, Solis found the secret history of the Gotei 13 and the vizards, those who weren’t afraid to bridge the gap between shinigami and hollow and how they were murdered.

Solis envied their power. Solis admired them and their fearlessness. But most of all, Solis wondered why the second wave of vizards had not returned. This Gotei 13 was unlike the older leaders and would not have executed the old man who led the vizards. He must be locked up somewhere, waiting to be freed. The second vizards must have been cowards. Solis realized the old man must have been in the Maggot’s Nest and made plans to find him. After a long year of training stealth and hakuda, Solis challenged the 3rd seat of 2nd Division and became the Officer in charge of the Gotei 13’s detention units. Solis spent years and years looking for the man who was the father of the vizards. As he descended through the cells of the Maggot’s Nest, he would whisper “vizard?” and gauge reactions. Some of the prisoners screamed of the vizard’s muddled blood and intrinsic evil and others only showed fear. None reacted positively. After ten years in the 2nd Division, Solis found that only the captain was able to access the lowest levels of the Maggot’s Nest.

At this point, Solis realized his goal was impossible. As powerful as he was, he could not defeat his captain and bankai was nowhere near his reach. So, he continued inventing and researching. In his spare time, he looked into other races and found that none of them had hybrid forms. Sure, the spirit of a human could become a shinigami, but that human himself would still be just a human. Solis theorized that the hollow and shinigami were equal halves of each other. While he wasn’t researching, he was training. During this time period, he became lieutenant of the 12th Division to see if he could find any insight in the SRDI. It was quite an experience to be around those who cared so deeply about research and intelligence. There, his charm got him nowhere, but his scientific knowledge did not go unnoticed.

Plus, with his newfound position, Solis could do nothing but research if he liked! And so he did. He would capture hollow and discover their powers, and what he found would support his equal halves theory more and more. Many hollows’ powers seemed to be a lot like shinigami shikais. Solis would spend a century looking for his other half. Nothing else mattered. He had created a method to trap and then physically ingest a hollow, hoping that spiritual subjugation went along with it and that that could make him a vizard. After another hundred years, he obtained bankai. By this point, he had stopped caring about the father of the vizard and decided that he would find his own way to become one of the masked. Solis had exhausted 12th Division of hollow-related information, so he became captain of the 13th Division and continued his research in secret.

And with the captaincy came a new chance to abuse power. He had the chance to finally use his method of vizard creation. He first tested it on a new unseated recruit to his division. The girl was eager to please her handsome captain, though she was nervous to ingest the small cube in which the hollow laid hopefully dormant. Some kind words and she swallowed the cube with a smile. A few hours later, the mask start to materialize upon her face and hollow reiatsu poured out of the lab. She ripped at her own face, screaming, but the mask soon formed and muffled her panicked yells. Solis couldn’t have been happier, but the girl slowly approached him with zanpakuto in hand. Seconds later, the zanpakuto broke as she became a fully formed hollow. Solis bound the hollow and stuck her in a cage of reiatsu. No one would miss her.

Despite his test trial going wrong, Solis thought he was on the right track. A stronger shinigami could resist becoming a full hollow, hopefully. In case that wasn’t the possibility, Solis created a new suit. He modeled it after a suit of armor and made it cause inexplicable pain to any hollow within it. The many hollow that Solis had collected as test subjects were used to test his armor as well. Screams were heard throughout the day and night.

Solis continued his search for his other half in Hueco Mundo, but during the Blue Moon War, that hollow would end up in the Seireitei. Begrudgingly, Solis did his duty to defend his division and the Gotei 13 and stood on the battle’s front lines. During the last day of the first week of the Espada’s siege, Solis would do battle with the Sexta Espada. In the distance, Solis would spot a black humanoid adjuchas with horns upon his head. From his direction, Solis felt anger and hatred, but most of all, this hollow exuded the ability to make others feel fear. He had to get closer. Solis’ distraction was obvious. As he locked blades with the Sexta, Solis spoke:

“That one, with the horns. Why is he here? I thought the Espada only accepted arrancar to their ranks.”

“He is my fraccion. He refuses to break his mask, but his strength outclasses so many others. I spend so much time around him, but even I feel the effect of his reiatsu.” The Sexta said.

Solis dashed away a few feet. “He’s the one I’ve been looking for… he must be. It’s time to end this, then. Wana ni kakeru, Ushi-oni.” Solis smiled, releasing his shikai as two pearly white horns grew from opposite ends of his guards.

He charged the arrancar with killing intent, hearing the 7th Division captain scream “Solis, no!” In a split second, Solis created a perfect clone with his Complete Junkei, and smirked as the Sexta Espada skewered him. Solis dashed across the battlefield and quickly subdued the hollow, bringing him back to his office. In the chaos of the battle, he had done it. No one would question it, Solis Idasson had died tonight. And as Solis stabbed the minotaur hollow with a cube, trapping him within and swiftly eating it, Solis realized that he had died. These were his last moments as an unwhole being. He felt the hollow’s power immediately as dread pricked at the edges of his happiness. He put on the armor in order to subjugate the hollow immediately. Things wouldn’t work out that way though. The hollow took over his body after only a few minutes and the battle for subjugation would last hours. Once Solis regained control of his body, he saw that his office was wrecked and that the hollows he’d held captive had been freed and consumed by hollow within him. His armor had been destroyed, but he made a new suit then and there. He laid his hands upon it and imbued more reiatsu than he had ever put into one before, losing his looks and turning himself into a shrunken old man in the process. It was worth it to be sure that he would keep himself from being destroyed by the inner hollow.

Solis walked into the Maggot’s Nest for the last time and destroyed the barrier which separated the lowest levels from the others. There was no whispering this time; Solis would feel the vizard reiatsu on the other end of the room. He unsheathed his sword to destroy his prison, but his strength alone was not enough.

“I will bring you from this place. The Vizard Strain will live again.” Solis said, walking away as his jet black armor clanked. The prisoners continued their usual screaming.

Book called after him “How?”

Solis had no answer. The new Vizard were cowards. The Espada were broken. But one could always rebuild.

As Solis left the Maggot’s Nest, a lieutenant apprehended him. A miasma of hollow and shinigami reiatsu came from him, so the shinigami assumed he was an arrancar in ressurreccion. Solis subdued the vice-captain with a single slash and spoke slowly: “Tell them that there will be more of me. Tell them that I will destroy this place. Tell them to fear the vizards.”

Solis tried to stay within the new Vizards, but the Kyoshinja was filled with those who wished to either live in peace or wanted to treat peacefully with Soul Society. None would speak of outright hatred of the Gotei 13 and none of them wished to further destroy the gap between themselves and their inner hollow. They truly were cowards. At this time, Solis lives within the sands of Hueco Mundo, seeking Las Noches and hollow powerful enough to become new Espada.

He is never seen without his armor and he never speaks his true name. Since his fusion with the horned hollow, his answer when asked his name is “I am The Minotaur.”

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Solis Idasson [Finished]

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