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 Ryuu Oonishi [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Ryuu Oonishi [FINISHED]   Ryuu Oonishi [FINISHED] Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 10:54 am


Name: Ryuu Oonishi

Alias: The Scientific Prodigy

Age: 150

Visual Age: 14

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Ice Blue

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 12

Rank: Lieutenant



The vice captain of the 12 division is rather well , young looking. He mostly resembles a 14 year old boy, giving him a very pure and innocent look. He has a skin that is fair colored with a light tint of tan added to it , his skin is also very smooth with no hair located on any part of his body. Ryuu is unusually short standing at the height of 4'8 ,the height of a very small child. His weight is also very shall , weighing in at 82 lbs , which allows basically anyone to easily pick him up as long as they are not the same size as him. Ryuu's body type matches his weight size , being very scrawny with no visible muscle what so ever , having his shinigami clothing typically having hang off of him. The lieutenant has short golden blonde hair which is slicked back with fringe of hair hanging over the left side of his face. Ryuu's eyes color is honey gold, giving off a very mellow feeling with two golden ring shaped earring located on his cartilage of both of his ears.

Ryuu's clothing is very simple to describe at best. He wears a very baggy version of the usually shinigami uniform , typically having the sleeves cover his hands when they are down to his side. This typically would be seen as hard to move with such bagginess but ryuu can move just fine. He has the typical white obi tired around his waist to adorn his uniform. Over this he wears a light , yet equally baggy , white lab coat over his Shihakushō which he typically leaves open. He wears a thin chain around his shoulders and torso that let's him carry his zanpakuto on his back , as he is too short to carry it by his side and a white bandana over his forehead that still allows a fringe of his hair to cover the left side of his face.


The Scientist:

Ryuu is a soul that rather enjoys using what is called his intellect , much like the captain and others that are also stationed in the 12th division of the Gotei 13. His up bringing included the thoughts and lectures of scientist , which had sparked his interest in anything that included testing theories or seeing how things worked. Ryuu sees things he thinks everyone should view them as , objects that need to be researched to help things move forward. He believes researching helps prove that everything has a purpose and value in life. He will stop at nothing , even going to the pits of the darkest parts of the world , to find a solution to one of his researches with a smile on his face as he knows he is closer to finding it. Luckily everyday brings something new into his life that keeps him going after his dream of knowing all there is to know about the world and it's inhabitant. Although he has reluctantly accepted that he knows he will not achieve such an absurd goal.

The Aggressive:

Few things make make the lieutenant very mad and aggressive. One of those things are when people question and criticize his experiments , as he thinks they have no right to make judgements about his research as they are not taking night and day working on them , even though he does enjoy doing such a thing. When he hears people criticize his research , he typically tends to ignore them for a while out of anger. Another thing that usually makes him highly aggressive/mad is when other members of his division slack off. He believes that if you joined the 12th division you joined to devote yourself to constant experimentation and working tirelessly to make things a better place through the scientific method. People who slack off he usually scolds and tells to get to work or transfer to another division as he will not observe such behavior in his division. Another thing that typically pisses him off is being teased about his height and child like appearance, this tends to end comical results.

The Outspoken:

Ryuu is a very outspoken and never has really been an introverted soul. He says what ever is on his mind at any given moment , and usually can't promise his words won't be at least a bit offensive. If they are well he will apologize but not in a very sincere way people normally would. Besides his words being out there , so are his unusual ideas that he typically shares with his captain. His may not be as his captains but his ideas he will take pride in anyway and will not hesitate to defend them.

The Respect:

Even though Ryuu may say rude things and may be aggressive at times but he is , majority of the time, a respectful people. He addresses all captains and even his fellow lieutenants with honorifics , believing it is a very respectful thing to do as they are in a position of power and such thing should be noted. Ryuu will also not speak out of turn , and before he usually does speak he has for permission to say anything as he doesn't want to interrupt what important things others are saying. He does not care what race, age or position you come from you will always be respected by him in some way as he thinks everyone should be.

The Pacifist:

This , this is a downfall to the vice captain ryuu. He dislikes anything that has to do with combat , and would rather stay in his division barracks all day working. The only real time that ryuu will draw his blade and gage in battle is if his comrades are seriously injured and he is the only one that can truly help them but even then he will try talk his way out of a fight and if that's not possible try to at least lighten the intense atmosphere with a little humor. Like he does with his research , ryuu likes to closely examine his opponents to find out there abilities and any possible weakness that he can so he can possibly end the battle quickly. He hates battles that last too long , as he thinks he will grow tired bad get killed by an enemy. He would rather be killed by research then an enemy any day. In the end , if it is truly needed he will draw his blade.



The earliest recorded , and memory , , history of ryuu was that of a baby found in middle of the a street in one of the rukongai. Unfortunately at the time he appeared out of no where , a hollow had appeared and was killing anything that stood in its way. Baby ryuu just happened to be in it's way as it had slaughtered it's way through a crowed of people and just as it was about to reach him and kill him , a shinigami appeared and slayed the beast. The shinigami then turned herself around and picked up the lonely baby , taking him around offering him to different families she found in the steers of the district but sadly they all declined. The female soul reaper was about to give up before she met a couple who had approached her and asked for a baby and said they had always wanted one. With a smile on her face , she happily gave them baby ryuu.

The couple turned out to be people of science that lived in a secluded section of their respected Rukongai. There they had set up some what of a lab and that of a homing space , which was decent enough to raise a family. Since the time they brought him baby ryuu home , he was with them in the lab constantly and mostly watching them do experiments as he could not help. Just sitting there as a baby watching his new parents preform research and do experimentation , sparked his love for the scientific world.

As time continued , Ryuu grew up. Growing up he continued his fascination of the world around constantly asking how things worked and why they worked that way. Due to his constant fascination with things and wanting to find out , he usually broke down any and ever piece of equipment he got his hands on just to see how it work . This constantly got ryuu in trouble with majority of people in the rukongai , well except for his parents. This also kept him from playing with children because he was too busy spending time with parents in the lab working on experiments , a thing he loved doing the most.

A few more years passed , and ryuu learned about people called shinigami. At that time he took a deep interest into this group of souls , constantly asking around about them and if not asking reading about them. While out strolling one day in the rukongai , he saw a group of shinigami , immediately rushing over to the small group. They almost ran over him before actually seeing him , as he was a very short kid , and asking what such a cute little boy wanted. This annoyed him as he was equal to a 30 year old in human years but was still looked rather young but proceeded to ask questions about the shinigami and how things worked with them. They shinigami willingly answered everything ryuu had asked them and even told him more such as the Gotei 13 and it's division , ryuu took special interest in the 12th division when hearing of it , including the academy which he could go to earn his way to become a shinigami.

After telling his parents about his recent discoveries , he begged his parents to allow him to join the academy to become one of the shinigami. After thinking about it , his parents agreed to let ryuu join to the academy , that is if he could pass the entrance exam. Hearing his parents acceptance he soon found himself taking the entrance exam for the academy of shinigami , and passing with flying colors. The next day , with a large smile on his face , ryuu started the academy and his future of becoming a member of Gotei 13.

The academy was not a very great time for poor ryuu. At the time , due to being secluded in his parents lab all day with expire memes , he did not know how to approach other students and even when they spoke to him he was too afraid to speak back. This gained him negative feed back as they thought he was full of himself and didn't want to be associated with such. Ryuu was really starting to hate the fact that he could not gain any friends but continued on with studying daily with his class work , which was not going to well as he was failing basically every single one. He thought about quitting the academy several times due to all this , but he stayed trying to get his grades up in his classes. If they couldn't get crazier for him , he was having constant dreams about a giant bat winged demon with razor sharp teeth that was made out of ice and if he wasn't going nuts , seemed like it was trying to speak to him.

A few months after joining the academy , he met his first friend he had ever had. His name was Yamamoto , and they became the bestest of friends due to their love for science and lack of sociableness. Ryuu and Yamamoto usually studied for classes together and even did experimentation together , eventually making them like brothers to one another. Thanks to the help of Yamamoto , ryuu got his grades up to surprising levels and just helped him with a lot of things. Ryuu managed to continue passing his classes for the next next three years with the help of his bestfriend/brother Yamamoto and when the time came they both took the graduation exam. Both Yamamoto and Ryuu passed the exam graduating the academy with Yamamoto being put in the 4th division 5th seat and ryuu being happily put in the 12 division as the 5th seat.

Ryuu and Yamamoto stayed particularly close even though they where in different divisions. Even though ryuu was only the fifth seat in his division , he was still very hard working with research and helping developing new things with the higher ranked division members he was thrown in the mix with. Being small and new however , the higher ups of his division and sometimes even the seats lower then him , made fun of ryuu for his height and how child like he looked. This lead ryuu to develop a very deep hatred Of the topic of his height and look , getting comical aggressive whenever one of his division members had even thought to bring it up again. However besides all that , he took his job in the researchers development department very seriously still scolding any and every body who chose not to devote there time to there divisions main objectives.

One day , he and the current lieutenant of the 12th division went out to the rukongai with a few other squad members to investigate the disappearances of the souls residing in the rukongai. As they went out they saw no real leads at first , finding it real strange but luckily the culprits had made a mistake and left behind a footprint revealing it to be a hollow, albeit a smart hollow. After finding this out the team tried finding the hollow to hurry and cut it down before it could hurt any other soul in the rukongai , but for some reason they couldn't find it. As the team prepared to head back , they heard several blood curdling screams coming from a nearby street and rushed to were then screams were originating from. They arrived at the scene to see a medium sized hollow killing and eating the souls that were in the street , without hesitation the team attacked the hollow but it easily flicked the shinigami away from it. Everybody , except ryuu , attacked the hollow once more but it ended in the current lieutenant of the 12th division dying and three out of the six group members dying.

Knowing he had to do something ryuu drew his blade and tried to attack it , but he was too weak and smacked away. The hollow eventually got tired of seeing the shinigami and came towards ryuu on intent with killing him , as he knew he could do nothing about this really he just closed his eyes and accepted his fate. When he ryuu closed his eyes he saw his self in an unfamiliar place , with a strange person standing right in front of him. He continually asked who he or she was but they gave him no answer , but they asked if he was ready to accept them as a partner and defeat this hollow together. Ryuu thought before he realized this was his zanpakuto talking to him and with a growing Desiree to defeat this hollow , said he was ready to accept his zanpakuto as a partner. After answering his zanpakuto , a surge of spirit energy surrounded his body and as he got up , ryuu said his zanpakuto' name releasing his shikai defeating the hollow easily.

Ryuu returned with the other surviving member of the hollow attack , telling the head captain what had happened. He soon returned to the 12th division barracks , and continued research he had done before he head left to investigate the hollow incident. While busy the captain came and announced to him he would be his new lieutenant as he is very devoted to his work , of course this made ryuu unbelievably happy. As time passed , he accompanied his captain as the vice-captain of the 12th division , having more things to grasp and experiment on since he was second in command.

Six months ago , when the events called the blue moon war had started he was just doing his typical research with other members of his division. Once he had heard battles commence he had made his way outside to see that many shinigami were being slain , and if it wasn't enough he had seen the murder of the 13th division captain right in the front of his eyes. He didn't not want to join or do battle period , but after seeing the onslaught the arrancar were bringing he had no other choice but to join the battle. He could not see it , but he had felt the captain commander and what seemed to be the most powerful espada fought for what seemed to be forever and a day. Ryuu had cheered when the primera espada's reiatsu disappeared signifying that the captain commander had won the battle. He felt relieved when the forces of the arrancar had retreated , but not before he killed a few because they did the same to them. He had attended the funeral of the dead members of the Gotei 13 and even got a little upset but he tried to keep things with a some happiness.

Strange things have started once again in the world. A tear over Africa has appeared pushing and pulsing with nothing known about it. Ryuu himself as taken several teams out to investigate the tear over Africa but all times he was left with nothing to present. He has no clue why such a thing has appeared and what it may have arbored inside of it but he'll keep investigating till he finds out.
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Ryuu Oonishi [FINISHED]

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