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PostSubject: Merihem    Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:37 pm


   Name: Merihem

   Alias: Former - Dai Kidocho (Grand Kido Chief) / Fuku Kidocho (Vice Kido Chief), Current - Shingikai Unmei

   Age: 1278

   Visual Age: Late 20s

   Gender: Male

   Reiatsu Color: Merihems Reiatsu manifests itself differently to most others, the color instead being dictated by the technique he is currently using. Casting Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin), for instance, would cause his Reiatsu to be revealed with a dark black glow. Likewise, casting Byakurai (White Lightning) would make his Reiatsu a white / blue hue.

   Ex-Division: Kido Corps

   Affiliation: Kyoshinja

   Rank: Shingikai Unmei - Former Vice Kido Chief



The focal point of Merihems appearance is, but of course, the bright green hair that sits upon his head. Reminiscent of the lush fields of the human world, this unnatural color often gets him noticed. This distinct feature is matched by the eyes that almost pierce through your very being. His petite nose coming to a somewhat pointed tip gives him the flawless ability to look down his nose at people. Often matched with the most perfect of toothy grins. His cheeks thin and his jaw coming to a sharp end, Merihem gives the appearance of the upper class.

A rather thin and frail body seems to be what is hidden beneath the his chosen attire, although not to the point of malnourishment. Even with a good bit of ability in his physical technique, his body would certainly not reveal it. Bruising easier than one would expect of his prowess is for certain. There is muscular tone, yet it is only shown once the body is in active use. Standing no taller than 5' 8'', Merihem appears to have unnaturally long limbs given his stature. Particular attention should be paid to his hands, the fingers long and effeminate. Yet they seem oddly controlled, seen rolling items such as coins through them being done with total ease. Hands trained to deceive. The hands of a cutthroat.

His attire consists of a black suit, steel toe capped boots and a disturbing number of belts. His hands often wrapped with a brown bandage. Attached to the back of his many belts lies a rather small scabbard, within it a Zanpakuto no bigger than the average dagger. Hidden beneath the blazer of his suit at all times, one could very easily mistake him for nothing more than your every day Joe. Upon his head rests a Fedora hat, wrapped entirely in darkness. A tie, just as dark as the before mentioned hat rests all the way down to the first belt, located at the waist. The second crossing over in the opposite direction. To one side, the chain belt attached to his scabbard. This is a man who takes a great deal of pride in himself, making sure he looks appropriate. Yes, this is a man who certainly looks the part...

   Personality: Falling prey to the desire of power, Merihem is but an oddity even amongst the slim ranks of the Vizard. Holding within a distinct sense of pride, his actions are very much orientated around 'the greater good'. A man who would happily strike through his own allies heart to take the opponents. What he calls priorities others consider indicative of his malice. After all, fate is but a cruel mistress. It is his role as the Shingikai Unmei.

Pushing forward with his ideals, which he considers the fate of the Vizard, Merihem shows a great deal of determination to see his race flourish. It is this determination that defines him. Past events reveal that he is willing to go against what he is told. He is willing to challenge those above him at any time. Much to the dismay of those surrounding him. It is this trait that held him back within the Gotei 13. It is this trait that allows him to push others forward. He firmly believes the views of the Shinigami on his race are but a shallow and outdated view point. In fact, he also believes that no kido should be forbidden. Why hold back the greatest power a Shinigami can reveal? Merely an opinion, but one unacceptable by most standards.

However, when it comes to less... Serious situations, Merihem comes across as a rather happy and calm man. Easily making friends with even the most dangerous of enemies, he appears to be a people person at his core. Friendly and welcoming, yet hiding the intent which would be common in someone who uses people to their advantage. Yes, he will be calm and open. He will make people feel the love of a friend. But the second they gain a use, they will fulfill that purpose. That is their destiny, after all.

Even when not seen, Merihem is an ever present being in all matters Kyoshinja. Often watching from a distance, he has proven capable of reading a situation accurately at even obscene distances. A trait often self exploited in combat. Noticing even the most subtle of elements allows him to create rather complex and mind boggling plans. Even to the point where he will defend in a certain way to draw an attack to a certain location. From the moment one enters battle with him, they are but another part of his twisted game. To defeat him is to defeat his mind.


The Beginning

The Nest




Fuku Kidocho


Dai Kidosho


The Thousand Year Slumber


The Awakening

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PostSubject: Re: Merihem    Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:25 pm

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