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 Bleach The World

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PostSubject: Bleach The World   Bleach The World Icon_minitimeSat Feb 08, 2014 11:21 pm

This soul would kill and absorb the Shinigami, only to lose it's consciousness to that same Shinigami later. In this twisted process, another Shinigami was caught up in the fray, resulting in the first Hollowfication of a Shinigami in generations. Of the two Shinigami, only one is in custody of Soul Society; the other is missing. When these Shinigami returned to Soul Society; the riots of Rukongai were calmed but there was a bigger discovery to be had. The Vice Captains and Captains of the Gotei 13 had been killed! This investigation became interwined with other investigations which flushed out the culprits as Vice Captain Miyaki Iwata (whom did all the killing), Kageroza Ichitaka (whom was an accomplice), and Kondo Iemitsu whom manipulated them both while not taking part in their schemes. It was a dark day in Soul Society; which had been caught in the feud of the Noble Houses and the man whom sought to end that feud for his own desires.

As those events came to a close another chapter was beginning in Hueco Mundo. Whispers of Rebellion were in the air in Hueco Mundo. This had put the Royal Hollow family on edge. The King whom had been keeping tabs on the exiled for as long as he could remember, decided he needed to change the way his Kingdom operated. He went out into the deserts and did his own investigation before meeting two very interesting beings in Hueco Mundo. With new "allies", Hueco Mundo was set to change inside the Palace Walls. In Hell the influx of new sinners meant that the Kushinada's hands were quite busy. They had made a pact with one Sinner, to act as Warden, but they would need more of these makeshift Police to keep the Sinners in check. It would seem that some cunning Sinners had figured out how to escape the Kushinada's all-seeing gaze. Thus the Kushinada would contemplate how to prevent the balance from being disrupted, while expanding their little "Police".

As for Soul Society, Central 46 had contacted the Spirit King via the Royal Guard. When the King heard of what had happened, he sent the Royal Guard out into Seireitei to assist Central 46 with the day to day operations. They would train those whom participated in the Trial to take over their Divisions as Seated Officers, though many of the Divisions remained very crippled in operation. The new question on everyone's mind was..."Who was the King" and "Why haven't I seen him with Soul Society in such a crisis?" Precisely who is the King and where is the Royal Palace? It seems that the secret to this died with Izanagi Arata. Lastly, the world of the living was changing too. The location of the jūreichi was in flux until it settled upon a location in North America. The new change has been awakening the powers of Humans in this continent; along with strange happenings.[/spoiler]

Members Of Past Bleach The World Generations:


As of September 2011 Bleach The World went under new management and since then new boards, systems and other perks such as XP Bonuses have been added to the site to encourage active Role-Playing and Story Progression. Using: Quest/Missions, Events, Story arcs, and much more as the driving force of the site Bleach The World Staff work to nurture not only individual but site wide plot development.

Once again Bleach The World is an Alternate Universe Role-Play that does not offer canon characters, however All Races introduced by Tite Kubo whether they're from the Canon storyline or Filler Arcs have been added.


All Races are Available and open!

We hope to see you soon!
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Bleach The World

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