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 Ulrich Dietrich [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Ulrich Dietrich [FINISHED]   Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:15 am


Name: Ulrich Dietrich

Alias: The Sacred Emperor

Age: 500

Visual Age: Early 20's

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Raven Black

Affiliation: The Vandenreich

Rank: Vandenreich Emperor

Quincy Epithet: -



The Vandenreich emperor known as Ulrich, despite his old age, retains very youthful features about him. Due to these features he gives the deceitful looks of being friendly and harmless , something he is usually not. The emperor stands at the average height of the male standing at 5'7, not being very tall nor very short. Ulrich has a very fair , smooth skin with high cheek bones that are lightly defined on his face which is also cleanly shaven. He has a very lean body type, making him seem very skinny with scrawny limbs that still somehow manage to maintain muscle and pack a punch when it is needed. He has very icy blue colored eyes ,which give off a very cold but light and free feeling when ulrich stares at you, with Raven Black colored hair that reaches to the middle of Ulrich's back and is very well kept.

On to the clothing of the emperor, he wears the standered vandenreich uniform with modifications to fit him. The pure white ,double breasted , knee length trench coat is now thigh length just a few inches above his knee caps. The trench coat is adorned with three golden buttons on each side that have the vandenreich symbol carved into them with a pure white, tight ,sleeveless shirt with a long collar that went past the middle of his neck with a baby blue cross designed in the middle , underneath the trench coat. Ulrich wears loose , pure white pants that stop just at the end of his calf muscles with knee high trench boots , which are also pure white with a black top. Two black colored armbands lay on each of his trench coat sleeves, both having the vandenreich symbol with a pair of black colored gloves on both his hands. Over this entire uniform he wears a tattered black cloak , which is held together by two golden tassels at the neck.


Hmm , how is it that you describe an emperor of an entire race of people? Usually greedy , heartless bastards who care nothing about his people only power, correct? Well Ulrich is nothing of the sort, and seems he never will be like that. His heart heavily lies in the growth and prosperity of the quincy lineage , as he thinks of them as his own children, often referring to them as his children when talking to them. He wishes to unite the quincy as a whole and help keep the peace in the world in order, so it will be safe for future Quincy to be brought up. He really hates when the stern Ritter or his lower class soldiers , or his people in general fight one another or act insubordinate because that means he would have to punish them in some way. Which Ulrich hates to do. A smile is almost always upon his face, and he enjoys times when fighting is not required to solve problems at hand. Where others see potential for chaos and strife, he sees potential for peace.

That doesn't mean he is afraid of combat or is to be taken lightly. He may not enjoy punishing his children, he may not enjoy the bloodshed of another living being, but even he has his limits. As the Emperor of Quincy, he did not just beg and plead to get this position. He fought for it. He pushed aside his pacifistic nature to reach his goals and nobody will prevent him from that. To see his kin, his children, united under his rule and safe from the terror of the Bount, that is his mission. When his kindness is tested, or his dream threatened, his kindness is only present in the words he may offer or the look in his eyes. Even when punishing his children, his actions reflect that of a man who is doing what he must out of duty. While other Quincy may be content to hate simply because it is in their history, or to kill simply because it was what they were told to do. Ulrich makes his own decisions, makes his own choices, and will stand by those decisions no matter what. That is what a ruler must do, and Ulrich is a ruler no matter what the enemy, insubordinate Quincy, or even his own occasional self-doubt says.

Along with these feelings of...positivity comes a desire to protect as well. He would not wish harm upon many beings (the Bount have more or less worked their way off that list though, and can't be conquered soon enough) that cross his path. If an opportunity to better the lives of his children or another being comes into play then the odds are pretty decent that he would take advantage of that opportunity. He is an honest man, and if centuries with his kin have taught the other Quincy anything it's that he can be trusted. So when Ulrich promises to protect everyone of his children that he can, he means it. No matter what he must do, who he must slay, or what he must say, the lives of those who put their faith and trust in him are safe.



Several hundred years ago the Quincy emperor named Ulrich Dietrich , was born into the Dietrich Quincy clan in his home of Berlin Germany. His tribe of Quincy were renounced as very powerful and very wealthy people , it was thought of great luck and honor to be born into this family lineage but boy were people wrong. The Dietrich Quincy were very strict and merciless rarely showing emotion especially the leaders Erik and Aera Dietrich. Erick and Area Dietrich were the parents of Ulrich and another child they had three years before him that they name jugo. The Leaders of the clan wanted their sons to be excellent Quincy , Quincy to top all quincies and not to weak. Even while Ulrich and Jugo were still babies , Erik and Aera took them out for what they called "family Fun Time" which was consisted of hunting down hollows each night and killing them , making sure the children watched every last bit of how they did it.

A year later after Ulrich was born , and around the time that jugo had turned four years old their father began teaching him basic reishi manipulation. Without knowing what was going , Ulrich would watch the training through the glass slide doors in Dietrich's house with his mother area , hoping young Ulrich would be able too learn from his older brothers training. His brother seemed to be a natural at reishi manipulation and erik seemed rather pleased about this, boasting about how great a leader his son will be when they retire. Erik , letting jugo take a day off training , took his kids out to an old friends of his they called "The Maker" who told them stories about something called the first cross. Listening to this story sparked young Ulrich's great intrest in his Quincy lineage, wanting him to learn more about his heritage and his Quincy history. Two years later , at the age of three , erik had begun the training of reishi manipulation with Ulrich just like he had with jugo.

Years passed by and Ulrich's thirteenth birthday had passed , officially making him a teenager. Instead of having a big party with everyone of his Quincy clan members attending, ulrich got up at ten in the morning and decided to train the whole day instead of celebrating. Since he had began training at the age of three, even though he had mastered the reishi manipulation at the age of six and still continually trained , his father seemed to not be as pleased with him as he was with jugo. Ulrich hated the fact that all that his father talked about was jugo , like jugo was his only son and he did not exist at all to him, this thought prompted ulrich to continue his training. While training during the day of his birth, his brother and mother tried to get him and eat some cake but he turned down each and ever approach they have so that they had for him so that he could keep training and get his fathers approval. He kept training that day with no stopping before he finally collapsed from exhaustion, while trying to crawl back to his feet, he saw that his father seemed to have been watching him and seemingly not impressed which upset ulrich even more.

For the next several years , Ulrich the next day began training even earlier , remembering the displeasure in his fathers eyes on the night of his thirteenth birthday. He never wanted to see that displeasure in his eyes again, and he felt lucky that he had not seen it in his fathers eyes since that night. One day , besides training , he went to go see his families old friend the maker to hear more about the Quincy and the first cross. He had spent the whole day with the maker learning about unknown techniques that his family seemed to not know of, and the mythical item of the first cross that he found so interesting and powerful as it had been described to him. While he left the store of the maker, he felt several diffident reitsu , five to be exact , His mother , father , a hollow and... He gasped as he quickly ran towards the site where he felt the reitsu admit from. He began wondering why they were here , what in the world could "they" possibly want that was here but he could not waste anytime but trying to rush to the site as his parents were in mortal danger.

Ulrich finally approached the scene where he felt the reitsu coming from, and let out a mortified gasp before quickly covering his mouth with tears welling in his icy blue eyes. Erik and area lay on the ground, pools of blood coming from each of there bodies and two figures standing in front of them, with reitsu he had recognized as shinigami. If it was not bad enough , a large hollow came and swallowed ulrich's parents whole before the shinigami killed it with a swift quickness. Rage and sadness filled ulrich his parents were just brutally murdered and then eaten by a hollow right in front of his eyes , how was he suppose to feel? Unknown to ulrich , while he was sulking , the shinigami had detected his reitsu and we're turning to come butcher the young Quincy next. Ulrich felt a sharp pain as one of the shinigami stabbed him in the shoulder as he had flash stepped behind him, after removing the shinigami's blade from his shoulder he used the Quincy method of high speed movement to get distance between his self and his enemies. Ulrich brought out his Quincy cross and summoned his weapon, before engaging in an all out battle with the two shinigami with ulrich seemingly utterly losing since the shinigami were tag teaming him.

The battle raged on for a long time with ulrich on the losing side Because the shinigami had minor damage done to them, ulrich had major damage with blood pouring from basically every part of his body and this has severally weakened him. He had been able to hold out due to his training but after all the hits he had taken , ulrich's weapon had reverted to its Quincy cross form and ulrich collapsed to the ground with a tattered body and blurry vision. He heard the two soul repears approaching his damaged body , ready to deliver the final blow but before ulrich could think he heard a blood curdling scream from both of them then the sound of bodies fall to the ground lifeless. Ulrich felt relieved that his enemies were dead but terrified something might be coming to kill him next, sadly ulrich could not know what would happen as he passed out from his wounds and tired body. When he awoke he was back in his home, in his bed with all his injuries attended too with his older brother and his uncle near his bedside. They demanded to tell them what happened and where Erik what area was , he told them the what had happened , sadness struck both of their faces but sadness had not over come ulrich this time but the feeling of weakness sure had.

Several months after the battle with the shinigami and several months since his parents had died, ulrich had been training longer and harder then he had. He had still felt weak because he could not save his parents or kill the perpetrators that killed them or get the approval of his father showing how proud he was of Ulrich. He wondered how could he live with himself , how could he get over the sore spot that he never got the approval or acknowledgement of the man he wanted it from. During his training one snowy winter day in Germany , he was interrupted by his uncle to come read the dying will of his father who had written it days before his murder. In the will it stated that among other things , the new leader would be his oldest son would be the new leader of the clan and as it stated "because his youngest son would always too weak to lead this clan". This statement in the will highly upset ulrich , it enraged him that his father thought he would always be so weak, to which he challenged his brother to a fight to be leader of the Quincy clan.

Ulrich rushed out to the back yard , or the training field , hoping his older brother had followed him out so there battle could start. As soon as jugo stood in front of ulrich, they both released their weapons and the battle for the leadership of the clan of the two brothers began. At first the two seemed too be evenly matched with ulrich somehow keeping up and dodging jugo's attacks and jugo doing the same with ulrich's attacks. Ulrich thought he was doing good but he knew something was off, he knew in the back of his skull that his brother was for some reason holding back and he hated that because if he got to be leader he wanted to earn it fairly not because his older brother went soft on his little brother because he felt like he needed to give him a break. Ulrich shouted for his older brother to use his full power instead of treating him like he was a weakling and wanted to fight a fair and true fight for the leadership of the clan. After saying that to his older brother, ulrich was quickly defeated not knowing the his brothers power was even greater then he had imagined, and with ulrich sustaining heavy injuries he had lost the battle and the leadership of the clan was given to jugo completely.

After the battle ulrich felt unbearably weak, he sat in his room questioning how could he be so weak and he could see why his father had left jugo to be the leader of the clan. He felt like he did not have the power to be in this clan anymore , that in order to continue his legacy as a Quincy he needed to grow stronger and stronger till no one could stand up to him but the strongest of the strongest. After a whole night of thinking and sorting out his plans of what he could do Ulrich decided to leave the safe hold of his house , the safety of his fellow Quincy brethren to go across the land killing hollows. Now he knew that just going across the country killing was the daily thing for Quincy and would not hon his skills very much , but ulrich decided to take a special item with him. He hurry and packed all his clothing , he hated thinking of leaving his family behind but he needed to get stronger and prove the he could one day lead this clan if the case is ever brought up. Before he left out , he stopped by his fathers old office and moved the rug by his desk revealing a small door opening it to reveal a box that contained the forbidden sanrei glove.

Decades had passed since ulrich had left his clan and been across the country slaying hollows with the sanrei glove adorning his hand. He thought about his brother and other family members but could not bring up the image of them in his memory , meaning he really had been gone for too long. He would have been went home sooner as it only took a week to master the sanrei glove , which is very hard thing too do, but he also had been training with fellow Quincy he found across the land. He also had been sent to deaths door step many times because of the numerous power hollow he had to fight all at once but he had some how lived with the side effect with having a long time to heal from his grievous injuries.

Amongst his travels of killing probably several thousand hollows and training new techniques, ulrich had finally encountered what they had called a bount. He of course , being a Quincy , knew about them and knew that his race and theirs are not on very friendly terms because of some difficulties. Now he was not told of the bount power , as the ones he had encountered on his trips where very powerful and dangerous. He would have probably died fighting them if he had not trained with the sanrei glove on for long, and he thought about taking it off to fight one of them but he remembered he would lose all of his powers by doing so. He didn't want to go back home powerless after training for so long to become powerful enough to go back and see his wonderful brethren again. After being away so long , he promised to go back home by the end of the year , which was about the time he would finish his training of the technique called blut.

Like he had promised himself , he had finished his training and found his way back home. When he got back he was not too fond of what he had seen with his great home of Germany. He had seen that his older brother had used the Quincy as a military force , instead of people and had taken over the land by sheer force. He wondered how his brother could do this too their people , instead of taking care of them he just turns then into a merciless fighting force? This could not be tolerated at all and he wanted to confront his brother about this. That is if he could even find him in the newly fabricated home land of his.

He went across Germany looking for his brother , meeting up with some Quincy who agreed that they didn't like how the Quincy were just being treated as just a military. Along his journey going to find his brother , ulrich fell in love with a male Quincy that lead a division of one of many military divisions his brother had set up. They went across German cities together looking for jugo along with other Quincy , hoping to find him soon and end his military reign over the Quincy people. Of course at days they took days off at times to rest because walking through Germany looking for a the man who had complete power over the Quincy people in Germany , which you think would be easy but it was not at all. Ulrich's band of rebel Quincy one day did find jugo , well he found them , but unfortunately he came to kill them and ulrich was not there to help them stand up to them as he was out looking for food. About time ulrich had came back to there remote spot in a large field grassy plain in Germany , to his horror there home was destroyed and each one of his comrades were lying on the ground pools of blood flowing on the lush grass.

Ulrich was filled with sadness seeing his people like this, not before remembering he didn't see his lover , who's name just happened to be Erik , was not around. He rushed inside the remains of the house to see jugo and Erik fighting , with Erik just getting hit with one of jugo's projectiles in the shoulder. From what it seemed his older brother far outmatched Erik and was about to kill him before ulrich decided to tell out his name and shoot a projectile of his own towards his older brother , as he would not let somebody he loves die anymore not since he has the power to protect them. The brothers had a small reunion before a new battle of freedom was raged between the two , because if ulrich did not defeat jugo Germany and probably Europe will be taken over by his conquering evil brother. The brothers were close to being evenly matched but jugo some how still managed to come out on top in power and since this was a battle of life and death he could not afford to loose for the sake of his people and him self. Ulrich decided to do the one thing he was not supposed to due without dire consequence , he removed the sanrei glove from his hand.

Releasing the sanrei glove activated the Quincy: letz stil , giving ulrich amazing power and with that power he was able to over come his brother. His brother laughed at his younger brother as he lay defeated , and knocking on deaths doorway , stating that he would never be able to lead the Quincy know with his powers as they would be gone as soon as the letz stil dissipated. Saying those last words jugo died and ulrich's letz stil dissipated with him blacking out on the floor due to the sudden surge of great power that was now gone , he hoped before he passed out that Erik would at least make it alive with his wounds as he couldn't lose him. When he awoke he was laying in his old room back in Berlin Germany in the Dietrich Quincy home , he wondered who could have brung him all the way home. He attempted , with success and some pain , and walked through his childhood home to find his Quincy brethren and Erik all standing in the backyard talking to one another. When he asked what was going they all turned around and applauded him, thanking him for releasing them from jugo's terrible reign even with the cost of his powers.

The remark of his powers being lost upset him quite a bit, but Erik came up too him with a big hug and some great news. For saving them all they would restore his powers , but he would have to wear what they called a Quincy bangle for a month so that they could trust him not to leave like he did years ago and could lead the clan. Ulrich of course agreed to this as he wanted to lead his clan like he had always wanted too , and smiled knowing he would with a family of his very own. Healing from his wounds, ulrich trained day and not with the Quincy bangle so that he could let his people know he was not like his brother , that he would never leave then again and would protect them with his life. He did not stop training not one bit, unless it was to eat with Erik, gaining as much power as he could with the Quincy bangle. He almost made it a full month until a unforeseen event took place , three weeks away from the month.

Ulrich's people were soon attacked by the bounts , his peoples long time enemies , but had no clue why they would do this as they had not attacked the bounts. While the bount continued there assault on the Quincy , they eventually found there way to Erik and ulrich , with the leader wanting to kill ulrich personally and making ulrich ask why he wanted to kill him personally. Him and Erik began fighting the bount and the leader with the bount leader telling ulrich around the time of both of their births , his parents killed his parents who just happened to also be bount leaders. Ulrich let out a sigh , as his parents deed caused the bount to come after him and his people but could not he distracted because he was in the heat of the battle. The battle was seemingly going good for the both of them , but ulrich's Quincy bangle broke after being hit by one of the bounts attacks and Erik was impaled in the heart by one of the attacks. With sadness feeling his heart and tears flowing through his eyes he watched as Erik died and knew he was next as the bangle had broke, but before the leader of the bount group could kill Ulrich , he was shot by a arrow hit him 19 mm to his heart and with a burst of reitsu his powers had returned to him.

The burst of reitsu made the bount back up a little and gave him time to look back to see Erik smiling and saying saying I love you before going limp. Ulrich couldn't believe Erik's last deed , and cried as he turned back to the bount. without mercy slayed them all within a matter of minutes including the leader who he thought posed more of a threat when he had the Quincy bangle. Afterwards he had multiple Quincy come too dispose of the dead bodies of the bounts and made funeral plans for all of the dead Quincy , becoming unbearably sad when he remembered that his love was one that was also killed by the bount. After the funerals were held, he told his ,now small, tribe of Quincy to pack there things as they were going to travel around Europe from now on to find more Quincy bringing them back up to glory.

More decades had passed since Ulrich had left his home with his small Quincy tribe that was left after the bount had attacked and killed majority of them. He had been traveling Europe gaining more Quincy followers , and uniting them against the terrors they know as the bount. They are terrible force , they are organized and structured all while the Quincy are trying to hang on to the words of there leader Ulrich , believing he can really defeat the bount terror that threatens their very existence as he promises. Ulrich displayed great acts of powers effortlessly taking out hollows and some bounts that rise up and try to stop Ulrich from his mission of defeating the bount and make the Quincy a rich race once more. Ulrich being a nice leader was also taken advantage of at times and people would try insubordination but luckily Ulrich had established a council to deal with such a problem because he could not do it, he did not like punishing his people. All seemed well in current time , as Ulrich ruled half of Europe still going and uniting his people as one.

Ulrich eventually learned that the other half of Europe was ruled by another Quincy who seemed to have the same purpose as Ulrich , with the added fact of trying to find the first cross. One day , ulrich and the other Quincy leader got to meet up and introduced them selfs to one another , learning the other quinces name to be Alexander. Two test one another's strength , the two Quincy engaged in a friendly battle that seemed to last for hours but after seeing how Alexander handled himself in combat with such elegance and power ulrich decided that he would make a much better leader then himself. The two Quincy unite each other's tribes to make an empire with them ruling Europe as a whole race instead of separately, and the two leaders becoming great friends. Alexander became the emperor of it all and Ulrich was his second in command , training every night to make each other stronger to closer their goal of killing the bounts and finding the first cross.

More years had passed and due to the intense training that the emperor of Quincy had given him , ulrich reached the peak of his powers with only the emperor able to take him on. For years the forces of the Quincy had been storming Asia for bounts , but Ulrich was confused , why storm into their area instead of settling the rest of Europe that they owned? He knew good and well that most of the Quincy nomad had bowed down to Alexander but few places still needed to learn and obey or they would be wiped out completely. Ulrich proceeded to ask him countless times why they continued to storm the area and never got an answer from his dear old friend but over the years he had gained his trust and he was not foolish so whatever he was waist the lives of the Quincy people was something very important. Ulrich , Alexander and fifty other quincy were camping along the boarder waiting to storm an outpost in the morning but it was quite unusual for the emperor himself to be there but he said he wanted to stretch his legs. In the morning , the Quincy stormed the post and defeated all bounts that lay within it , with seemingly ease , but as the last bount was hit by ulrich's projectile something felt wrong.

Wide eyed, Ulrich flared his massive reitsu wildly breaking himself illusion seeing a large troupe of bounts rushing towards the Quincy army. A siren-like doll which the bounts possessed must have cast the illusion , with realizing that he began breaking his party out of the illusion as they went off to battle with the bount troupe. The battle did not go so well for the Quincy this time as , ulrich and Alexander were the only one of there party to make it out alive and taking a bount soldier they left alive for interrogation back at the Quincy base , revealed there was a mole who just happened to be killed during the battle. After killing the bount , ulrich learned that the emperor lay on his death bed due to a fatal wound which had came from a bad wound turned worse from walking all the way back to the castle. Visiting the emperor for the last time , Alexander told ulrich how he enjoyed the fighting , the raiding ,and the fighting once more which made ulrich chuckle a little but most of all how grateful he could place his trust in him. With his last words , the emperor told ulrich how he came across information that the bount had the first cross in there possession , which is why they had raided their territory for so long.

Several centuries later , ulrich was still in charge of the Quincy as the emperor since the last one had died of fatal wounds. He once again continued his quest to unify the Quincy and defeat the bount but he also wanted to solidify more of European territory before things got out of hand. He accomplished such feat and ruled with an open hand being a kind leader and people respected him for that. However peace did not last too long , it was sort of a civil war between the Quincy because some did not believe ulrich and his stories of the first cross thinking he was crazy or telling a fairy tale. Luckily the war was adverted by a bount ulrich has captured at a raid a week ago , as he told ulrich they had a Quincy relic at there castle avalonia but ulrich was not sure he could trust this bount but it's all he had.

Tending to the discord of his people , luckily while minimal blood was shed, and told them that the castle avalonia held what item they all sought. It was the newest lead and was a win for them either way it went because if the first cross was there , not only would they have the most powerful Quincy weapon in existence but also had their grip on a bount strong hold. If not well they still had their hands on a bount stronghold , dealing a natural blow to the quinces natural enemies meaning it's a victory either way for them. They just needed time. The rebel Quincy who didn't believe Ulrich were not exactly pleased with this , they decided to fall back in line with the rest of the Quincy.

Ulrich spent a century attacking the bount, capturing as many as he dared alive , questioning them about the first cross and castle avalonia. Unfortunately they did not tell him how it got there , or even if it was indeed the cross itself but they all said that they had something he wanted and that he would never get. However this did not make ulrich give up his search and every time a fellow Quincy rose and questioned him or his power , he demonstrated how exactly how fit he was. After that , few saw purpose in questioning Ulrich for fear of losing their life , out of respect , or out of desire to see the bount's gone. Either way ulrich became a major icon in the eyes of the Quincy , like he always wanted to be seen as.
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Ulrich Dietrich [FINISHED]

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