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 [WIP] Miyamoto Mitsuhara Onimaru

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[WIP] Miyamoto Mitsuhara Onimaru Empty
PostSubject: [WIP] Miyamoto Mitsuhara Onimaru   [WIP] Miyamoto Mitsuhara Onimaru Icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 2:10 pm


Name: “Miyamoto” Mitsuhara Onimaru

Alias: Taicho, Dogbreath, The Demon of the Stealth Force

Age: 3,253

Visual Age: Late Twenties, Early Thirties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Ivory

Affiliation: Onmitsukido, Seireitei

Division: Nibantai, Onmitsukido

Rank: Captain


Appearance: Onimaru is an interesting Shinigami to lay one’s eyes upon. While most associate the race of shinigami with the fallen human spirits, his most interesting characteristic is the fact is his form is that of an anthropomorphic canine. A doberman pinscher to be precise. Standing just shy of six feet (unless you include his tall, tapered ears), the male is covered in a fine coat of black fur with brown highlighting his ears, brows, muzzle, pectorals, forearms, forelegs, and groin. Very thin to the touch, the fur holds hardly any length to it and is quickly comparable to most military cuts within the human realm. He lavishes this fact, stating it is a natural inclination that he was meant to serve and fight for a governing body. The small height of the fur also enables one to view the tight muscles draped across his body. With the physique of a warrior, many are quick to see just how versatile his musculature has been shaped for. He possesses core strength for balance, the bulk for power, and the lean mass for agility.

As expected of his species, the male’s head is long and oval, placed with a long snout that defines a good portion of his face. Mostly in part of his seriousness, Onimaru’s eyes are almost always shaped into a stern look that wrinkles his forehead. Matched with his dark brown/borderline red eyes, most claim that a glare from this beast is perhaps the most threatening thing they have ever witnessed. When this is combined with his cropped ears that constantly appear to be on alert, it does not take much to understand why the doberman is a was the former head of the Punishment Force of Onmitsukido. Perhaps a result of his heavy training, the canine’s ears are extremely sensitive. Rumor holds that their sensitivity extends to such a degree he can hear everything muttered within the entirety of Seireitei. Too limit this from growing too invasive, Onimaru dawns ten rings of soul-synthesized gold and silver looped through each lobe. This creates enough noise to lessen his hearing to normal levels, and are only removed should he find a situation to become of dire importance. The nose is no different. Though what appears to be nothing more than a cute black button nose, it is more than capable of tracing scents of any Reiatsu it has come contact with once before.

The canine’s Shihakushou is truly no different than any other shinigami’s. Back in the day, the male had two separate uniforms: one for operations within his daily life and member as a Second Division officer and the other as a standard attire for tasks fit only for the Keigun. Since his promotion to the head of the Nibantai, Onimaru now only needs to dawn one and keeps the other stored in a ornate display within his chambers. In overall appearance, the attire is fairly traditional. It is off the standard length and offers few changes with the exception of lacking any length fabric to conceal his arms or shield his back from the elements. This is a common trait practiced only by those who have learned to utilize that of Shunko, a technique that he has truly mastered in numerous degrees. To appear “normal” and not to hint towards this fact, the haori the canine dawns is noticeably long and conceals any hint towards this “Flash Cry” release. Fitting of his squad, the interior fabric of the jacket is laced orange inside, giving the black and white attire some dash of color. The most unique portion of his attire, however, is the large cloth dome the shinigami wears over the back of his neck and covers the rear of his head. This acts as a focal point for sound, and when combined with his excellent hearing, allows him to focus and hear any sound coming from the direction he is facing.

Personality: Loyalty: the quality of giving or showing firm and constant support and/or allegiance to a person or institution.

To break things down within a single word, there is nothing that further defines Onimaru more than that of “Loyalty.” Born as a servant to the Miyamoto clan, the male was raised from the very day he could walk that the order of one’s superior is law. To disobey results in severe punishment and perhaps even greater embarrassment. Being cut, slashed, nearly dismembered, burned, and nearly drowned, the male has gained an unfortunate level of obedience for those of a higher rank than himself. Despite his own personal beliefs and morals, he will respect every word muttered from a senior’s lips and will follow through with their task until it results in his death or completion. The doberman perhaps has taken this to a new extreme. He has trained his hearing to make sure ever sentence muttered falls within his earshot. For this very fact, Onimaru has evolved into a perfect spy that is said to be capable of monitoring the entire 13 Court Guards, a power that often earns him praise.

Though as loyal as he may be, Onimaru is noticeably a strict and law-abiding individual. Always draped with a stern-filled expression, the male has been trained to evolve into a cold-hearted killer. This aspect has expanded into such a point that his very application into the Keigun wasn’t approved until he was willingly capable of killing the very woman who spared his life and taught him the ways of combat without so much as an ounce of remorse preventing his bloodlust. His willingness and readiness to follow orders without hesitation makes him a fine soldier on and off the battlefield. A true warrior is ready no matter what time of day or how little amount of sleep one might receive. If his Captain needs him, he will be prepared in an instant and ready to stand by their very side. A mere side-effect of this philosophy is how it is literally a full-time job. For this fact, Onimaru is often left unable to sit back to rest and relax for long bouts of time. As of such, he can be a tad cranky at times and can even snap out those whose respect have not been previously established.

Since his promotion to Captain, the dog is noticeably a very stern leader. He expects any order he gives to be followed without hesitation and any resistance towards what he requests is an act of treason towards Seireitei and the Nibantai. He finds disobedience to be one of a faulty soldier, one that he very willingly will strike at or even kill depending on the severity. It is for these facts that many greatly fear the captain over the years, earning him a large infamy over the years.

In battle, Onimaru merciless. He shows no pity in claiming a life nor does he chose to play with such responsibilities. The canine was taught to kill with one blow: a stab to the heart, a slit to the axillary artery, or snapping of the neck. Simply put, whatever it might take to end the battle as soon as possible. Anything more than that is considered a failure. Despite such facts, the doberman’s fighting style is best considered dirty, using any method he can to distract a target long enough for that final blow to be given. If one hit kills are impossible to achieve, he will often utilize moves to prevent one’s escape and movement. They say a strong offense is the best defense. For that they are right. Whether it is a well-aimed toss of his anken or precise use of a bakudo, the dog will do what he must to quickly strike a foe down and end the fight as soon as physically possible.



Birth to Becoming a Shinigami:

Keiratai and Arrancar Encounter:

Shunko & Becoming Keigun Gunbantai and Nibantai Fukutaicho:
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[WIP] Miyamoto Mitsuhara Onimaru

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