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 Vai'el Grace

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PostSubject: Vai'el Grace   Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:40 am


Name:Vai'el Grace

Alias: -/-

Age: 2,500 (2,520 to be exact)

Visual Age: Mid twenties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: A mix of blue and purple.

Ex-Division: Ex-Captain of the 2nd Division / Commander and Chief of the Onmitsukido

Affiliation: The Kyoshinja

Rank: Kaosurura



Vai'el is most identifiable for his platinum colored hair. A natural color, mind you, but most people swear up and down that he dyes it. Aside from his hair, this male stands at about six feet tall and boast sapphire blue eyes. With a set of full dark eyelashes, his blue eyes appear to be a deeper and darker blue than they really are. His skin is fairly pale, but not without a decent tan to it. He has a minimal amount of scars, most of them being on his forearms and thighs from various events during his time in the Rukongai. He refuses to have them tended to. He often is seen wearing his earrings as well. He has no discernible features other than his platinum hair. He has no tattoos on his body, and he doesn't wear anything out of the ordinary.

As far as outer-wear goes, he is usually seen wearing a sleeveless shirt of some kind and jeans. Anything else makes him feel all stuffy. Sometimes he will don his old Shinigami attire if he is feeling particularly lazy that day. His Zanpakuto, being the size that it is, is usually kept on a leg sheath wrapped around the outside of his pants. Usually.

Personality: Vai'el's personality is a tough thing to describe. How do you describe someone who has never felt the loving touch of a mother, the protective feeling of being at a place called "home", the warm social network of friends (or rather allowed himself to feel such a connection)? He's been a vagabond for as long as he can remember, and though he may not know it...life wasn't that much better either. Vai'el is highly distrusting of people. He does not view the vast majority of living beings to be trustworthy. He can use two fingers to count the number of trustworthy people he has come across in his life. An ironic statement given his current situation, having broken one of the most sacred laws of the Soul Society. Still, what would drive a man to be so...distrusting of people? As a human, his mind was built up and shattered so many times by those he felt he could trust that he actually developed a split personality. As a spirit his mind is, more or less, healed together. Though he still retains a lot of the mistrust of others. Vai'el has learned to manipulate others on a very basic level to believe he is feeling something. He has mastered the art of portraying specific feelings in their entirety, being able to cry on command, laugh with a smile that reaches his eyes, and fully express and hold a look of rage.

Now, what does all this mean for the average scenario? It means that 98% of the time, he's lying. Will you know it? Unless he wants you to...no, no you will not. His mind is capable of understanding emotion and producing the needed chemicals to create those emotions, but on that same hand his mind is also INCAPABLE of understanding why he should feel those emotions as it relates to people he doesn't trust, care for, and or need. Now is that to say that everyone in his life is equatable to useless pawns to be tossed aside? No. Absolutely not. At a VERY basic level he does value the lives of others in his life, but he doesn't feel he NEEDS them, and so he doesn't feel that he can trust them, and so he doesn't bother feeling anything for them. During his time as a Shinigami he never cried over a death, even after his first Captain died. He was upset, or at least his version of upset, but he didn't cry. He didn't truly mourn. He understands the science behind feelings, but it's the application of those feelings that he lacks. Mimicry he understands and he can piece together. Looking at the group around him, and using context clues, he can figure out what emotion to display at what time, but very very rarely will he actually feel the emotion he is emulating.



The man below him was still as it fell through the air, gracefully falling to the ground below. The spirit's eyes looked at the fallen body of the only man he ever dared to call friend. His face was barren of emotion, void of thoughts, there was only flesh. How did it come to this? That his only friend should fall, and by his own blade no less! As he watched the man's lifeless husk fall, he remembered the times that led up to this moment. Wanting to push the rising sadness he felt behind the memories that brought him enough peace to keep him calm.

The Beginning:

Academy Years:

Vai'el the Vice-Captain:

Rise to Captaincy:

Fall of a Captain:


And so here he was...winner of the duel, new leader of the Vizards. Vai'el had a heavy weight on his heart as the realization of what just happened finally hit home. He let out a Hollowfied scream and shot a cero, out of rage, into the air. He clenched his fists and looked at Muriko's body as it hit the ground. He dropped down and the other Vizard's gathered around. He had a choice to make now...

Follow the rumors, or stick to his ideals?

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PostSubject: Re: Vai'el Grace   Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:20 pm

Your here by approved...

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Vai'el Grace

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