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 Exp Exchange Guide

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PostSubject: Exp Exchange Guide   Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:35 am

This topic will explain how to use your Exp, purchase augments ans your next level of mastery, as well as the starting Exp for members. First things first; as mentioned in the Mastery Guide, there are several ways to gain EXP. The best way to gain Exp is to post in the Training Topics. Keep in mind however, training topics do have a requirement to them. All training topics, regardless of skill level, must have at least a 500 word count to them per post. All training topics are check monthly and if you fail to meet the standard, each post that did not reach the 500 word mark will be deducted from your total Exp bank. If you don't have the different then we will void your last purchase and subtract the total then. Cheating words also counts as a breaking a site rule and a warning will be placed on your profile. Repeated offenses will be meat with the Ban Hammer. Aside from the Training topic, a small amount of Exp can be gained per posting in the IC areas. Some areas yield higher amounts of Exp than others and will be left to the members to find and figure out on their own.

Once you create a character and it is approved, a Staff Member will assign you your starting Exp. This number WILL vary from person to person. Exp will be awarded based on how the staff member grading your application feels about your character and how they will impact the site. Better and more usable characters in the plot will be award more than average, while lazy and rushed characters with no focus will result in less. Don't complain about the Exp given to you, just be grateful it wasn't less. All Exp decisions are final and will not be questioned. If its not the amount you were going for, sorry. That's just how the world works. Generally however, you can expect the amount given to somewhere in this range for each rank:

Racial Leaders (Captain Commander, King of Hollows, etc.): 5500 Exp

Elite Members (Captains, Low Numbered Espada, etc.): 4500 Exp

Powerful Members (Lieutenants, Higher Numbered Espada, etc): 3500 Exp

Standard Members (steaded officers, fraccion, etc.): 2000 Exp

Now lets move on to the purchasing aspect of Exp. All Exp must be purchased at the "Exp Exchange" section of the forum that this topic is located in. Its important that you will make a SINGLE topic for yourself to make purchases in. Consider this topic your Bank Statement, as all your purchases will be shown here and all will be approved there. If you make a second topic, it will be deleted without warning or notification so just don't do it. The Template for making a Exp purchase can also be found on this section of the forum, pinned at the top under "Exp Template". You are to use this template for every purchase, no exceptions. Once you make a post, an admin will check it as soon as they can. Its the admins top priority to do Exp topics, so you should have it done a few minutes after any admin logs in. They will do all the handy work and subtract the points for you, having you do nothing else other than ask for the exchange. They will then post on your topic and say the purchase has been approved. When your ready for your next purchase, repeat the process in a reply to your topic.

So here are the main points to keep in mind here:

1. Training Topics need at least 500 words per post

2. Only one Exp Exchange Topic per IC character

3. Always use the Exp Template

If you keep to these three simple points, your time with Exp purchases will go smoothly.
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Exp Exchange Guide

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