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 Pocket Monsters Online

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PostSubject: Pocket Monsters Online   Pocket Monsters Online Icon_minitimeTue Mar 19, 2013 1:11 am

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Enter Pocket Monsters Online, a unique take on the Pokemon world. Set in the virtual region of Elfanu, players compete to “Be the Very Best” in one of the fastest growing virtual reality MMOs the world has ever seen. But something lurks behind the scenes in the hidden caves and in dark alleys of the MMO. Some say it’s a glitch; some say it’s the beginning of a game wide event to launch the new expansion.

What everyone agrees on is this: It’s black with red eyes, and harder than any boss in any dungeon.

PMO is a statless RPG set in an AU modern day world. We have a unique progression system and are a moderate literate site. We’ve an expansive world left open to member interpretation and creation, as well as a series of site wide events to come in the following months.

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Pocket Monsters Online

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