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PostSubject: Persona :: New Arcana   Persona :: New Arcana Icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 7:34 pm

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-Persona :: New Arcana-

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Persona :: New Arcana is a role playing site for fans of all kinds whether it's Devil Survivor, Persona, or any other Shin Megami Tensei based book, movie, show, or game! The possibilities are endless when creating powerful heroes to fight Shadows by using equally powerful Personas or creating terrible villains who abuse their power, making your own name in a range of big cities, countries, and, if your ambitious, entire worlds. Be a Persona user who wishes to protect the world from Shadows and solve the ever-going mystery surrounding your home, or be a driving force that looks to use your Persona to gain power in society. Make the hero, or villain, you've always imagined in the Shin Megami Tensei world!

As of February 2013; Persona :: New Arcana has entered it's first season of RP! The small mountain region of Ueitawa is a peaceful area. Those who live in Ueitawa are quite reserved when compared to the neighboring regions, as almost everyone seems to know each other in their respected districts. These peaceful times were thought to go on forever, but slowly a looming cloud is blanketing this unsuspecting region. It all started with one first disturbance. A missing person's case with no witnesses or suspects. The people of Ueitawa, though suspicious of what happened, remained closely knit. However, these disturbances would continue. One by one, people are disappearing within the small region with no leads on where they have gone. Rumors spread that some of the missing simply ran away to the city to start a career. Others speculate foul play. Little do these people know the cause of these disappearances are none other than mysterious creatures by the name of "Shadows".

Shadows are creatures born from humans, and carry with them human emotions, which are mostly negative. They feed on the negativity of humans to not only grow in strength, but to spread their influence. They exist in a plane of reality below our own which has been labeled as "Limbo." Not much is known of "Limbo" so far. It is a place that exists, at the same time does not exist, making it an anomaly in itself.

Where did this mysterious place come from? Why is it focused only around this region solely? These are just a few mysteries that will need to be solved to rid the peaceful Ueitawa of this looming threat. Only the strongest Persona users have the will to press forward and discover the truth behind these sudden Shadow attacks. Do you have the resolve to solve this mystery?

Some of the features of P::NA are below, but bear in mind that there are plenty more to be found if you decide to join us! --

✘ Beginner, average, and advanced rpers alike are welcomed!
✘ Many interactive sub plots and main plots!
✘ Helpful staff, thorough guides, and a friendly community!
✘ Ability to make custom Personas and choose which Arcana you'd like to use!
✘ Ability to create meaningful Social Links with others to grow in strength!
✘ Freedom to make your character a daring Hero or a sinister Antagonistic!
✘ Join school clubs and compete with your fellow classmates!

--Thanks for taking the time to read our advertisement!--

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Persona :: New Arcana

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